What Questions should i ask before Hiring a Carpet Cleaner?

stain removalYou should do carpet cleaning at least once a year if you want to keep your carpets and rugs looking great and make them last for a long time. However dealing with carpet cleaning companies may not always be straighforward, some companies may want to trick you in to charging you more.

For example some companies advertise low prices per room and when they get to your home they raise the fee. You should ask up front what services they include.

They may think that you need your cleaning done for a special event and may charge you more for a quick turnaround.

So here are some questions you should ask:

Does your company offer free estimates?

Many companies offer free estimates over the phone, you can tell them how many rooms need cleaned and they can provide you with the cost upfront.

Richard Centeno from CarpetUash says that you should get at least 3 estimates from different companies before committing to anyone.

What Carpet Cleaning Method does your company use?

Most carpet cleaning companies should offer steam cleaner or hot water extraction which is the most recommended method. Is important to know that they have experience and ask for customer reviews.

Are you insured?

Using the wrong chemicals can damage and even ruin your carpets, so ask them in the carpet cleaning company has insurance and bonding.

How Long is the Drying Time?

Usually 24 hours should be a good time for complete carpet drying due to the humidity. There are cleaning methods that take longet drying time than others. However opening the windows and using fans that shorten the drying time.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

It is very common for carpet cleaning companies to guarantee their work. Some offer 30 day guarantee if you find any missing spots or something looks odd and ofcourse the guarantee will not cover any fresh spills.

The more willing the carpet cleaning company is to answer all these questions the more comfortable you should be that you are dealing with a good company. If they dont provide you a good answer or you dont feel that they are being honest and providing a good customer service then dont use them and look for someone else.

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