What is best Steam Clean or Dry Clean your Carpet?

steamcleaningnowIt doesent matter where you work, your commercial property needs carpet cleaning, if you want to keep it looking great for a long term. But there are different methods that you can choose to clean your carpet, steam cleaning and dry cleaning. But which method is best for your carpets, what is the right choice for your business?

Here i will let you know the pros and cons of each method so you can make an informed decision.

Steam cleaning

What steam cleaning does is mix cleaning chemicals and water to remove grime and dirt from your carpets.

A steam cleaner sprays carpet cleaning detergent mixed with hot water. Once the carpet is covered with water and detergent, the carpet cleaner uses a wet vacuum to remove the remaining dirt or moisture.


Steam cleaning is the best deep cleaning method that is often most recommended for your carpets, because it combines chemicals with hot water and it can remove dirt that is deep into your carpet. You will get pristine results.


However there are business owners that worry that steam cleaning chemicals may damage their carpet and employees. The fact is that most companies use safe chemicals that wont damage your carpet fibers or destroy the air quality of the room. Talk with your cleaning supplier and ask them.

Also steam cleaning takes more time than other forms of carpet cleaning. You have to take aside several hours for the carpet cleaning company to do its job and you have to stay off the carpets from 12 to 24 hours.

Dry Cleaning

Even though dry cleaning uses more chemicals than water, you also have to use some moisture to remove the chemicals from the carpet.

A company will put dry powdered cleaning chemicals on to your carpet. You will let the chemicals get into the carpet fibers and break down debris and hard stains. A mild spray of water is often used to help the chemicals break down debris more  deeply. Then they vacuum the particles that have bonded with the chemicals.


With dry cleaning you dont have to wait a lot of time to start using your carpets again, soon after the process is complete you can start using them. THere are many business owners that choose to go with dry cleaning because that does not stop regular business hours operation.

With dry cleaning your get very through clean. The chemicals can dismantle most stains and dirt that some steam cleaners cant.


The downside is that dry cleaning uses more abrasive chemicals than steam cleaning. Any person with allergies should avoid getting into the building. Talk to your cleaning company and ask them.

The fact is that every business need professional deep cleaning for their carpets if they want to keep them looking great. But you should also take preventive maintenance measures such as:

Vaccum your carpet regularly at least every week
Use mats in your doorway to keep snow and dirt out the door.
Clean stains immediately