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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammed

There are various cleaning companies and advertisements that promise to give you huge discounts but end up providing you a very low quality service and charging you many hidden costs that you didnt expect,  be aware.

Do you want to experience Powerful Safe Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Yakima Washington?

We can help you, we can provide you with quality, safe and reliable carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning in Yakima wa at affordable prices. We can also do carpet and rug restoration if you need it, just give us a call and get a free quote.

You know there are many rug cleaner companies out there in Yakima wa, however few companies actually deliver an outstanding result, using only safe cleaning products and the best dry and steam cleaning treatments.

We dont just clean, we pay attention to detail, we treat your carpet fibers gently and hand treat stains with our powerful solutions. We can deal with stains from food, ink, blood, gum, wine, pet urine and more.

But with a powerful steam cleaning extraction system we can get rid of all the bacteria, allergens, dust mites, bugs and particles that put your family health in jeopardy. The more time you wait to hire professional carpet cleaning the more dangerous it becomes, even for your pets.



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You need to Hire Professional Carpet and Rug cleaning Service customized for your needs

Keeping your carpet in great shape, soft and beautiful is not an easy task, specially when you have area rugs, oriental rugs and carpets all around your house. But by following some simple recommendations you can do it.

Is important that you vacuum regularly or at least once a week to remove dirt and dust from your rugs. However no matter how much you vacuum, some of the dirt and bacteria will fall into your carpet fibers base, get stuck and attract more bacteria.

What you need to do is hire an expert deep carpet cleaning service in Yakima Washington to remove all the difficult dirt and bacteria using their powerful industrial vacuums using steam cleaning or dry cleaning to extract the most stubborn dirt.

Stains and spots should be treated carefully by hand and be removed using special solutions to avoid damage to your carpet fibers. We are professionals at the job and can also tell you how to deal with stains as they happen.


Why Call CarpetUash to get the Best Service

With so many cleaning companies out there, why would you choose to call us, very simple, because we are going to connect you with the best carpet cleaning company around your area, so you dont have to go to the trail and error and hiring bad service companies.

We do the constantly do the work of searching and evaluating, area rug, carpet, furniture upholstery and restoration cleaning companies, so we can recommend you the best at great rates. We dont look for cheap companies, we look for outstanding quality at affordable rates or fair prices.

We know how important is for you to make your oriental rugs and carpets last for many years, that is why we only deal with the best cleaning businesses and we discard any company that does not follow some strict cleaning and quality standards.

When we work with a carpet cleaning company in Yakima Washington we make sure that they:

  • Have a complete and full guarantee of their services
    Provides a great and proven service
    Have professional equipment and a truck mounted system
    Have a proven track experience
    Use the best and safe or green cleaning products
    Apply a protective shield
    Hand treat stains carefully



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

To get the very best Results we adhere to a proven number of steps

With our vast experience we have refined the use of a tested cleaning method that our professionals apply every time. This process is modified depending upon your special necessities and your rug conditions.

We beforehand need to remove any sofas and electronic devices that might be on our way. If you own any very large furniture is recommended that you move it prior to our cleaning work along with any fragile objects

preinspection, in this phase we make a full inspection of every space of your carpet to discover challenging stains, traffic locations and soiling conditions. This way we can more effectively figure out the optimal treatment to employ.

We treat carefully tough stains and possible irreversible stains with our special cleaning agents.

We now start our vacuum phase, we thoroughly vacuum to remove all the dry dust. Extracting dry soil is one of the most essential steps and necessary for the following steps.

We now use our spray agent cleaning solution that helps to remove spots and soil successfully.

To attain the optimal results we use our powerful truck mounted hot water extraction system that really helps to flush the carpet pile making use of pressure and heat at a safe standard to achieve the absolute best steam cleaning results.

We can add a protective shield to your rug or carpet, which helps to prevent dust from getting stock in to your rug fibers.

Soon after we are finished cleaning, we examine all our work with you, so we can verify that everything is good and that you are happy with our work.

Here we answer some vital questions you may want to know

Do you provide No cost estimations in Yakima Wa?
You can phone us and we can provide you a quote over the cell phone, you only must explain us how many rooms you want our team to clean. That being said is ideal if we can check the areas we need to clean and detect the spots that really need exclusive focus.

What is the most effective procedure dry cleaning or hot water extraction cleaning ?
There are various powerful cleaning approaches like chem dry, dry cleaning, but we recommend hot water extraction, its the procedure that most carpet and rug companies encourage.

are your cleaning technicians skilled?
Yes all our staff members are certified and appropriately trained on a consistent basis.

Do you use an extraction system or just a vacuum cleaner?
We do have sophisticated cleaning systems for instance, a Truck Mounted System, to make our job a lot more productive.

i wish to get rid of those bad-looking stains, could you make it happen?
We have the most sophisticated cleaning solutions, we aim to remove all kinds of stains from gum, wine, pet urine, candy, etc. in many situations we can do it, but occasionally the material can make it difficult to thoroughly remove.

How long do i have to wait after cleaning?
it can vary depending also on the weather, in days with high humidity it will take greater time to dry, in fact on warmer days it will take a lot less time to completely dry. It will generally take about six to twelve hours.




What to do Now...

Now you should call the best carpet cleaning company in Yakima Wa that can provide you a quality safe service at an affordable price. We can help you out and connect with with a great company around your area just contact us.

Dont forget that vacuuming your carpets and area rugs on a regular basis will help a lot to prevent bacteria from getting into your carpet fibers.

Also prevent spill accidents on your rugs from food, wine, gum and ink, but if you have any problem just call us.

Ask us any question you have, we are here to help.




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