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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammed

Dont fall for those incredible low price promotions or coupons that seem unbelievable, quality carpet cleaning takes time, effort and cost. Rug and Carpet cleaning are not expensive, but if someone promotes unbelievable low prices, they will probably charge you many hidden costs.

Do you Want Quality Safe Carpet Cleaning in Tacoma Washington? You are at the right place

We are the service you are looking for, cleaning your carpets, area rugs and upholstery is not an easy task, you need to provide the right kind of maintenance or they will not stand the test of time. That is why carpetuash will help you out find the right company that can provide you the best service at the right price.

There are a wide range of cleaning companies and individuals that claim to provide a great service at very low prices, but the fact is that you cant make your business work at very low prices unless you provide a very low quality service and have hidden charges.

Instead what you should be looking for is a company that has a proven track record that are experts at dry cleaning, steam cleaning and stain removal and will not compromise quality with price.

You can get great steam carpet cleaning in Tacoma Wa at affordable prices if you know where to look for, we can help you out, just fill out the form or give us a call.


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You need to find a Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning Service in Tacoma Wa to make your fibers last

It is not that easy to clean carpets and rugs, you need to have the specialized knowledge to know what kind of treatment is best for your type of carpet and know that you have to avoid the use of harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

We highly recommend that you vacuum your carpets regularly, every week if possible, that way you will remove all the superficial dirt and prevent germens from sliping to your fibers. However no matter how much you clean, eventually some bacterias and dirt fall into the base of your fibers and become impossible to remove.

But with a professional steam cleaning or dry cleaning treatment you can remove all the dirt and bacteria that is very unhealthy for your family. Industrial Vaccums have extreme pressure and heat that help to extract all the particles.

You also have to give special attention to stains and spots. You should try to remove the stains as soon as the spills happens, but if you cant remove it with water, we can help you, we have special cleaning agents that treat your fibers gently and remove stains.


Why we recommend that you CAll us Now

You know that there are various carpet and rug cleaner companies around your area that you can call, but few actually deliver a great service at an affordable price and use safe cleaning solutions.

The use of safe cleaning products is necessary to avoid carpet fiber damage in the long rug and to avoid those toxics from affecting your family and pets that play on the carpet.

We carefully evaluate and compare all the best companies in Tacoma Washington and hook you up with the one that delivers the best service that you need.

When we work with a cleaning company we make sure that they follow our strict standards such as:

  • Have excellent customer service
    Have a full guarantee
    Use professional equipment such as a truck mounted system
    Have affordable rates
    Have experience in the industry
    Be great at steam cleaning and dry cleaning
    Have excellent customer reviews.



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

The Following strategy is a number of phases that we comply with in each and every cleaning treatment

  • With our vast experience we have improved the use of a tested cleaning process that our experts apply every single time. This process is modified according to your specific needs and your carpet conditions.
  • We beforehand need to move any home furniture and electronic devices that may likely be on our way. If you own any very large home furnishings is recommended that you move it beforehand including any fragile things
  • We start by examining every single area of your carpet, we examine its soiling conditions, recognize spots and possible long-lasting spots.
  • We then handle spots and stains by hand using our powerful hazard free cleaning agent.
  • We now initiate our prevacuum step, we thoroughly vacuum to remove all the dry soil. Extracting dry soil is one of the most vital steps and needed for the subsequent steps.
  • All the highly used areas that we detect are now addressed with an all natural spray for max effectiveness in soil removal.
  • To obtain the most effective results we use our truck mounted system that aids to flush the carpet pile utilizing heat and pressure at a secure standard to achieve the absolute best steam cleaning benefits.
  • A defensive agent is installed on your carpet which in turn minimizes soil from getting into your fibers and accumulate. This protector is installed on new rugs but with time wears off.
  • Soon after we are finished cleaning, we go over all our work with you, so we can check out that everthing is good and that you are satisfied with our work.

Questions you probably Have

What Guarantee do i get?
We do Guarantee all our professional services, if you discover anything that we might have failed to see in the next 30 days, we clean it without further cost.

How may i get a free cost quotation?
You can give us a call and we can provide you a price quote over the phone, you only need to inform us how many rooms you need our team to clean. However is ideal if we can look at the areas we should clean and detect the regions that really need exclusive focus.

What is the carpeting cleaning technique that your carpetuash use?
There are several cleaning solutions like dry cleaning, steam cleaning and chem dry, any of those are awesome just as long as they are put on by experts. We use hot water extraction as the most ideal method.

i want to avoid any toxic substances on my carpet that might hurt my children?
No, we basically use Family Friendly cleaning agents that are secure for your little ones and pets. We do not utilize any hazardous chemical substance or severe cleaning agents.

Do i need to have any previous readiness?
Its crucial that you take out any electronic devices, breakable things and large house furniture that we cant take away.

Do you train your people on a regular manner?
All our technicians are trained on a routine basis on new cleaning methods and they are certified.



Lets do something about it..

You dont want to leave your upholstery, oriental rugs, area rugs and carpets just sitting there absorbing more and more bacteria, allergens, grim and bugs, you wan to get rid of those with a powerful steam cleaning treatment or dry cleaning, thats why you should call us.

We can get you hook up with the best rug cleaning companies in Tacoma Wa at affordable rates. We want you to experience quality service, detail, dedication and complete care for your fibers making them last for many more years.

To keep your family healthy you should deep clean your rugs and carpets at least every five to six months ideally. Make a year schedule and we can go to your home those months.

If you dont know how something works or you have some questions just call us or fill out the form and we will get back with you.




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