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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammed

If you want a great service avoid the over the top promotions from some bad or amateur companies such as extremely low prices or unbelievable discounts, those services only provide low quality that can damage your carpets and they have a lo of hidden charges that they will later ask you for.

Are you looking to remove stains, deep dirt, blemishes, allergens, bacteria and pet odors from your carpet?

Our professional carpet cleaning service in Renton Washington can help you out. We look for the best rug cleaner company around your area compare rates and wee hook you up with the best at a great price.

Hiring expert rug, upholstery or carpet cleaningn in Renton Wa does not have to be dificult if you know where to look for, there are many scams out there and many companies that provide very sub bar services.

A great carpet cleaner company in Renton Wa should use safe cleaning products with no harmful chemicals, be totally transparent about their costs, provide a free quote and use professional equipment.

We at carpetuash help you to find the right company for your home or business, there are no extra charges, just give us a call.



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Dont Worry, let us do the work, Just Relax and get Results

If you want to keep your carpets, oriental rugs and upholstery furniture in great shape, soft and smelling great, you should hire expert cleaning at least every 5 or 6 months, there are people that wait longer, but allergens, bacteria and dirt accumulates and it is very unhealthy for your family.

You should vacuum your carpets and rugs every week to keep them clean and nice, but no matter what you do, some of the dirt and bacteria slips through your fibers and becomes impossible to remove with a commom vacuum. That is why professional rug cleaning in Renton Washington is necessary.

A powerful steam cleaning extraction system removes the most difficult allergens and dirt leaving your carpet smelling great and soft.

Stains should also be removed as soon as possible with the right cleaning agents and without damaging your delicate carpet fibers.


Why Call CarpetUash

We know that you are very concerned with taking care of your rugs and carpets, and you want them to last for many years, that is why you want a great professional service.

We at carpetuash will make sure that you receive an excellent service, we only deal with the best carpet cleaning and stain removal companies in Renton Washington that offer the best rates.

We dont look for the cheapest, we look for quality service at affordable rates, carpet cleaning does not have to be expensive.

When we compare cleaning companies to work with we make sure that they:

  • Provide an full guarantee of all their services
    They use only safe and family friendly products
    They are experts at steam cleaning and dry cleaning
    They have certified technicians
    They hand treat stains with the right cleaning agents
    They dont have hidden charges
    They offer a free estimate
    and they have an excellent customer service



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Here are the Tested cleaning moves we comply with every single time

  • With our vast experience we have perfected the use of a powerful cleaning program that our service technicians utilize each time. This system is adjusted according to your special needs and your carpet and rugs conditions.
  • We in the first place need to take out any home furniture and electronic devices that may likely stand on our way. If you own any very heavy home furniture is highly recommended that you move it prior to our cleaning work along with any fragile items
  • We kick off with our inspection step, our specialists will examine every space of concern, including registering rug soiling conditions, pinpoint spots.
  • We then deal with spots and stains by hand administering our strong hazard free cleaning product.
  • pre.vacuuming is our subsequent stage, we deal with every place to get rid of all the soil that is stored on your fibers. Once we finalize this step successfully we can move on to the next phase.
  • All the traffic areas that we identify are now treated with an all natural spray for optimum overall performance in soil and spot removal.
  • As soon as we have broken up the soil, our truck mounted powerful system will completely flush the carpet pile with a natural agent. We manage the pressure and heat so the carpet is not over wet. We use a water temperature between 180F and 190F.
  • We can apply a protective shield to your carpet, which helps to protect against dirt from getting stock in to your rug fibers.
  • We review our work with you, so you can verify that you like the results and that you are delighted or else we clean again.

Frequently Asked Question you may want to know

How can i find out what is the cost
We can supply you with a free of cost price quote over the telephone, but is essential that you let us know the number of rooms, approximate sqft and any specific services that you probably really need.

Do you employ any toxic additive that could be unhealthy for my family?
No, we just use Family Friendly cleaning products that are secure for your kids and family pets. We dont make use of any hazardous chemical substance or harsh detergents.

What do i have to do to prepare prior to the visit?
Even if we can take away furniture, its advised that you move any heavy furnishings, electronics and any fragile objects.

Do you make use of a Truck mounted Unit?
Yes we do employ a truck mounted unit to get rid of the most challenging soil and make a total cleaning.

How frequently should i clean my rug or carpet?
If you have a big family of 5 or more people or you use often your carpets you need to clean up them every 5 months to maintain their beauty and smoothness.

What do i should do to maintain my guarantee valid?
its straightforward, go through your carpet guaranty and follow their suggestions. Hire professional cleaning at minimum every twelve months and vacuum every single day.

Do i must wait prior to stepping on my carpet?
You should not walk on your carpet up until its dry, but you may utilize it to access whatever you want or get in you home.



Here are the Next steps..

Now is time for you to call the experts and get the best area rug and carpet cleaning service in Renton Washington. Good carpet cleaning is not expensive and can keep your house healthy for your kids and pets.

Also to make your carpet manufacturer warranty valid you should follow their advice and provide professional cleaning to your rugs.

If you dont provide the necessary maintenance to your rugs, upholstery and carpets they will probably become dull, lifeless and stiff in some time.

If you have any additional questions, dont hesitate to call us or fill out the form.




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