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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scam

Dont believe those big promotions that promise to give you huge discounts or unbelievable low rates for carpet cleaning, no company can give a quality service with those rates and you will end up damaging your carpet, but they will also charge you hidden costs.

Are you Looking for Deep Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Marysville Washington?

We can provide you with the quality and reliable service that you need to keep your carpets, rugs and upholstery in great shape, soft, beautiful and smelling fresh, just give us a call for a free quote at any time.

Even though there are a wide variety of rug cleaning companies and services in Marysville
Wa, few actually deliver a great service and know how to properly take care of your carpet fibers without causing any damage.

We know how important is for you that we use only safe green cleaning products that are gentle to your carpet fibers and family friendly, but we also know that you want the remove the most stubborn bacteria, allergens, bugs and do it at an affordable price.

We can deal with the most tough stains from ink, blood, food, pet urine, wine and any unwanted odors, either commercial or residential cleaning we are ready to help you.



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Let our Team with its Powerful Steam Cleaning Treatment do the work for you

Dont sweet anymore with hours of cleaning and trying to find the right product for your carpet, it can be dangerous to use those supermarket detergents that contain toxic substances, just let the experts do it, is better for your rugs and your health family.

We highly recommend to our clients that they vacuum their carpets, rugs and upholstery at least once every week to remove all the superfitial dust and dirt. But unfortunately some of the dirt and bacteria slips to your carpet base and it becomes impossible to remove.

This is why a powerful steam cleaning or dry cleaning treatment is necessary to remove the most tough deep dirt, bacteria, allergens, grim and particles that accumulate and can be very unhealthy for your little ones.

If you fail to provide proper regular maintenance to your carpets every 5 to 6 months they can become dull, ugly, lifeless, stiff and can become very uneheatlhy for your family kids and pets.


Why we are confident, that we are the best choice for you

We know there is a lot of competition and companies that offer great prices or super advanced cleaning methods, but guarantee a great service because we find the best carpet or rug cleaning company around your area with proven experience, proven results and at the best rates.

We work only with the best carpet cleaning companies in Tacoma Wa, if they dont have our strict service standards we dont work with them. We find the company that can do the best service and hook you up with them, there is no extra cost, we just want you to have a great service, that is why this website exist, to connect you with the best companies.

Thats why we are a reliable choice, because we dont have preferences for anybody, we just connect you with the company that can do the best job at an affordable price.

Here are our strict standards:

  • They must provide a full guarantee of their services
    They Must provide an excellent customer service
    They must provide a free estimate
    They Must have professional equipment
    They Must have proven experience
    They must have excellent customer reviews
    They should use only safe cleaning products



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

What is our rug cleaning treatment?

To obtain the most desired results for our clients we use an established process every time and we adapted to your necessities and carpet conditions. We determine what is the most effective treatment method for your carpets as dry, steam cleaning or chem-dry.

We move any light furniture on our way and any sort of breakable things. We recommend that you remove any electronic devices and large furniture if necessary before we clean.

We start by assessing each and every single area of your rug or carpet, we examine its soiling conditions, find spots and feasible persistent spots.

We hand treat difficult stains and potential long-lasting stains with our special cleaning agents.

prevacuuming is our following stage, we deal with every place to eliminate all the soil that is installed on your fibers. Once we finish this step properly we can move on to the following phase.

All the traffic areas that we pinpoint are now treated with an organic spray for maximum efficiency in soil removal.

As soon as we have loosened the soil, our truck mounted system will fully flush the carpet pile with an organic rinsing agent. We manage the heat and pressure so the rug is not over moist. We use a water heat level between 180 F and 190 F.

A protective agent is installed on your carpet which avoids dirt and soil from going into your fibers and accumulate. This shield is seen on new rugs but with time wears away.

We are dedicated to get the best results, thats exactly why we review each and every single area with you and if you spot that we skip anything, we clean it.

Here we answer some very important questions you may need to know

I don't know you or your business, how can i rely on you?
Do not stress, our job is completely guaranteed. We understand how essential is for you the security of selecting a terrific service, you really don't risk anything with our team.

How can i know what is the cost
You can give us a call and we can give you a quote over the phone, you just must explain us how many rooms you need our company to clean. Having said that is best if we can check the areas we have to clean and define the spots that require special focus.

Do you use any hard chemicals that may be risky for my loved ones?
NO, we don't ever utilize harmful elements or tough detergents, we choose healthy cleaning products that have been demonstrated to be delicate to your rug fibers and your family.

Do you train your personal on a regular basis?
All our personal are instructioned on a routine basis on new procedures and they are qualified.

Do you employ a Truck mounted System?
We do have sophisticated cleaning process like a Truck Mounted System, to make our work a lot more powerful.

Is it crucial to clean my carpet frequently?
Even though a lot of carpet manufacturers suggest that you clean your rug or carpet every 12 to 18 months, it truly depends on its usage. If you have a household of five people or more you have to clean your carpet and rugs every six months at minimum.

Does this take a great deal of time to dry?
it fluctuates depending also on the climate, in days with high humidity it will take much longer time to dry, instead on hotter days it will take a lot less time to dry. It will normally take roughly six to twelve hours.




Here is what you need to do...

You know that carpets, rugs and upholstery can be very expensive and therefore need proper maintenance every once in a while to stay in shape and not get dull, lifeless and stiff.  

Thats why we highly recommend you to vacuum as often as possible but at the least every week to remove dirt, but to also hire professional deep rug cleaning in Marysville Wa every 6 months. You will remove unhealthy bacteria and keep your carpets clean.

Just by following those recommendations you can make your carpet last for many years in the future without major problems. If you need any restoration work we can help you out.

But most importantly only hire those companies that are experts and use safe cleaning solutions.




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