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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammmed

Be aware of some bad advertisements and promotions that offer extremely low prices or discounts that they probably cant support and if they do will give you a very bad service and use cleaning products that could damage your carpet.

Are you Looking for Quality Affordable Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Lakewood Washington?

Dont Worry anymore, we can help you out, just give us a call and we will hook you up with the best carpet cleaning company near your area at great rates.

It is not very easy to clean and maintain a carpet or area rug, they are expensive items and should be treat it and maintaned according to your manufacturer guideliness. There are various carpet cleaning companies out there, but few actually deliver a great service at a fair price.

You should look for an oriental rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning company that has a proven experience, that uses only safe cleaning solutions that are family friendly and that fully guarantees their service, you dont want a dull or stiff carpet due to some amateur error.

You can actually get a great steam cleaning or dry cleaning treatment for a fair price, without having to invest a lot and you will keep your carpet looking great, protected from allergens and with a lasting life.



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You need to hire a Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning service customized to your needs

Cleaning a carpet requires to pay attention to detail, to the way to do it and to stains and spots, but most importantly you should avoid harsh chemicals and toxic substances that could make your rug or carpet become stiff or dull.

Is important that you hire pro area rug, upholstery or carpet cleaning every 5 to 6 months to avoid bacteria, bugs, dirt and allergens from accumulating and attracting more of them. You will keep your rugs in great shape soft, smooth, smelling good and be long lasting.

A powerful dry cleaning or steam cleaning treatment will do wonders for your carpet and make it look like new, removing the most stubborn particles and bacteria that your regular vacuum cant remove.

Dont forget about stains, spots and blemihes they should be hand treated with care to avoid damaing your carpet fibers. You should try to remove stains as soon as they happen with water, but if you cant just call us and let us handle it with our powerful solutions that are gentle to your fibers.


Why CarpetUash is your best option

Even though there are many cleaning companies that you can find and call, very few actually deliver an outstanding job, using safe cleaning products, using professional equipment and removing stains without using toxic substances.

But dont worry we search, evaluate and compare the best carpet and rug cleaning companies in Lakewood Washington and hook you up with them at an affordable price.

We want you to get the best service, that will make your rugs to last for many years looking soft, feeling smooth, smelling great and healthy for your family.

That is why when we work with any cleaning company in Lakewood wa we make sure that they follow our strict guidelines:

  • THey should provide a clear guarantee of their services
    THey should provide an excellent customer service
    Have a proven experience with many years in the industry
    Have affordable and fair prices
    Have certified technicians
    Use only safe cleaning solutions with no toxic substances



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Here are the Effective cleaning phases we adhere to every time

  • If you want to make your carpets look soft and beautiful every single time, we adopt a proven system of steps that our specialists employ on a consistent basis. We adapt this procedure to your individual needs depending upon your rug or carpet conditions.
  • We in the first place need to take out any sofas and electronic devices that may stand on our way. If you own any very heavy home furniture is recommended that you move it prior to our cleaning work together with any fragile things
  • We kick off by examining every single area of your carpet, we assess its soiling conditions, find spots, stains and potential persistent stains.
  • We treat by hand difficult spots and probable permanent stains with our special cleaning agents.
  • We now start our vacuum step, we fully vacuum to get rid of all the dry dust. Taking out dry soil is one of the absolute most important steps and needed for the subsequent steps.
  • All the traffic regions that we pinpoint are now handled with an all natural spray for highest performance in spot and soil extraction.
  • To secure the most ideal results we use our truck mounted system that aids to flush the carpet pile making use of heat and pressure at a safe standard to obtain the best steam cleaning benefits.
  • Brand-new carpets have a special preventive shield that stops soil and dust from getting stuck in your fibers, but it gradually disappears. At this point we add this protective shield for longer protection.
  • We review our job with you, so you can prove that you like the results and that you are pleased or else we clean again.

Here are some Replies about our carpet and rugs cleaning services

How could i acquire a free cost estimation?
We can deliver you with a free price estimate over the telephone, but is important that you let our company know the number of rooms, approximate sqft and any exclusive services that you might possibly need.

What is the rug cleaning method that your company employ?
Both approaches are incredibly efficient and will certainly make your carpet look very good, provided that they are applied with professional equipment by specialists.

What do i will need to do prior to getting my rugs cleaned up?
Though we can move furniture, its recommended highly that you take out any heavy household furniture, electronics and any breakable things.

are your cleaning personal experts?
All our technicians are instructed on a periodic manner on new solutions and they are qualified.

Do you work with an extraction system or just a vacuum machine?
We utilize a potent truck mounted extraction system to suck in and get rid of all the soil from your carpet.

can you remove difficult stains and spots?
We got the best innovative cleaning products and solutions, we try to clear away all types of stains from wine, gum, urine, candy, etc. in the majority of cases we can certainly do it, but in some cases the material can make it complicated to totally get rid of.

Do you have a protective shield?
With each day use your rug or carpet fibers scratch up, become harmed and absorb grime, we use a shield that fills up those blemishes and reduce dust pile-up.




Important final advice...

Im sure you want you area rugs, upholstery furniture and carpets to last for many years looking great, feeling soft and smelling good, well the only way to achieve that is with regular maintenance and it does not cost much.

You only need to vacuum if possible once a week and hire a professional deep carpet and rug cleaning service in Lakewood wa every 5 to 6 months. This way all the dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens will be removed and stains eliminated.

We want you to experience a great service so you comeback every time you need our help.

If you have any doubts or questions dont hesitate to call us, we are here to help.




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