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WARNING¡ Dont Get Scammed

Be careful with those lying promotions or advertisements that give you unbelievable discounts or extremely low prices for carpet cleaning in Kent Wa, they are scams, no company can cover their costs of operation with extremely low prices and they cant provide a quality service. But they will also charge you hidden costs.

Are you Looking for the Best Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Kent Washington?

If you know how important professional steam cleaing is for your carpets and rugs then we can help you out. There are many carpet cleaning companies that offer one thing or the other but either they are too expensive or they are cheap but have a second hand service that can harm your carpet fibers.

What we do is find and compare the best rug cleaning companies in Kent Wa and just work with the ones that pass our strict filters of providing an excellent service at affordable rates.

There are common scams of companies that offer extremely cheap prices but they do an awful job and will charge many extras just to do a decent job, dont fall for it.

We at carpetuash compare, evaluate and only choose the company that best fits your needs and hook you up with them.



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Stop Worrying about Cleaning, Just hire the Professionals

It is not easy to clean a carpet or rug, they require special treatment and you should not clean them with rough detergents and supermarket products that can damage them, instead you should hire the pros.

Its highly recommended that you vacuum your carpets and area rugs at least every week to keep all the dirt away. However some of it slips into the base of your fibers and gets stuck and cant be removed with regular vacuums, you need extreme power and heat.

A powerful steam cleaning system or dry cleaning treatment can do wonders for your carpet if their are applied correctly and with the right cleaning solutions that do not contain toxic chemicals or hazard substances.

We customize our treatment to your type of carpet and conditions of your stains. There are different types of stains and spots and they should be treated by hand carefully to avoid damaging your fibers.


Why Choose to Call us

The truth is that there are several rug cleaning and stain removal companies outhere in Kent Washington the problem is trying to find the one that provides an excellent service, with safe cleaning solutions and at an affordable rate.

We do all the searching, scanning and evaluating for you, we only work with the best cleaning companies in the industry that have a proven experience and have great reviews from previous customers.

We know that you want your upholstery, carpets and oriental rug to last for many years, the way to achieve it is with great maintenance and it does not has to be exepnsive.

When we work with any cleaning company we make sure that they:

  • Have an excellent customer service
    Have a warranty for all their services
    Hand treat stains
    Uses professional equipment such as a truck mounted system
    Have affordable prices
    Are experts at dry cleaning, steam cleaning or chem dry
    They dont use harsh chemicals or hazard substances in their cleaning solutions



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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

The Following course of action is a number of phases that we adhere to in every single cleaning treatment

  • To get the absolute best results for our customers we adhere to an established process every single time and we adapted to your necessities and carpeting conditions. We figure out what is the ideal treatment for your carpets as dry, steam or chemdry.
  • We remove any light household furniture on our way and any sort of fragile objects. We recommend that you remove any electronic devices and large furniture if necessary before we clean.
  • We initiate by examining every single area of your carpets and rugs, we examine its soiling conditions, detect spots, stains and possible persistent stains.
  • We then deal with spots and stains by hand applying our strong hazard free cleaning agent.
  • We now begin our pre-vacuum step, we fully vacuum to take out all the dry dust. Getting rid of dry soil is one of the most important steps and needed for the following steps.
  • All the highly used regions that we discover are now treated with an eco-friendly pre-spray for maximum effectiveness in dirt and spot extraction.
  • Soon after we have loosened up the soil, our truck mounted system will thoroughly flush the carpet pile with an organicrinsing agent. We regulate the pressure and heat so the rug is not over wet. We use a water temperature between 180F and 190F.
  • We can apply a protecting shield to your rug or carpet, which aids to avoid soil from getting stored in to your carpet fibers.
  • We are fully commited with you, thats precisely why we review each area with you and if you identify that we fail to see something, we clean it.

Here are some Answers about our rug cleaning services

Do you Warrant your work?
Do not worry, our work is fully guaranteed. We recognize how essential is for you the safety of hiring an excellent service, you do not risk anything with our company.

What is the most ideal treatment dry or hot water extraction cleaning?
There are several cleaning procedures which includes dry cleaning, hot water extraction and chem dry, any of those are awesome wherever they are applied by pros. We use steam cleaning as the most reliable method.

i dont like any toxic substances on my carpet that could possibly harm my family members?
We don't use hazardous substances, we operate just with safe cleaning agents that have been demonstrated to be pretty effective and do not include any risky compounds that could hurt the well being of your little ones and pets.

Do you instruct your staff members on a regular manner?
Yes all our workers are licensed and thoroughly trained on a periodic manner.

Do you have qualified equipment such as a Truck Mounted System?
We make the most of a powerful truck mounted extraction unit to suck in and take away all the grime from your carpet.

Does this take a great deal of time to dry out?
it varies depending also on the weather condition, in days with high humidity it will require lengthier time to dry, in fact on warmer days it will take less time to dry out. It should normally take roughly 6 to 12 hours.

What do i need to do to maintain my manufacturer's warranty valid?
if you plan to keep your warranty valid, you must review it and hire qualified rug cleaning every twelve to eighteen months and vacuum regularly.



Now here is what to do...

Now that you know how important is to deep clean your carpets and area rugs on a regular basis and you know how we work with efficiency, detail and care its time for your to fill out the form or call us.

Cleaning your rugs and carpets is more than just removing dust and stains, is about using the right cleaning agents that gently treat your fibers so your carpets can last for many years.

If you need restoration dont hesitate to let us know so we can check it out and give you a quote.

Ask us any question you have at anytime we are ready to help you.




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