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Best Carpet Cleaning in Valley City Utah, we remove the most difficult dirt, stains, spots, bacteria, blemishes, allergens, pet odors and pet stains. We only use safe cleaning products and green solutions.

If you want to keep your carpets and rugs in great shape for many years in the future, you need to hire professional carpet cleaning in West Valley City Utah.

Fortunately CarpetUash can help you, our company is dedicated to find the best residential and commercial carpet cleaning companies in West Valley City, we evaluate them and only send you the best one.

You should not settle for unprofessional, unexperienced, bad cheap companies. A carpet requires pro cleaning equipment and gentle care in order to maintain their fibers soft, smooth and beautiful.


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There are homeowners and even business owners that just clean their carpets with a vacuum and they feel confident that their carpets will last without problem.

However the fact is that if you dont hire expert carpet cleaners every few months and if you clean your rugs with detergents and cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals, you will harm your carpet fibers in the long rug and become dull and stiff.

A pro carpet cleaning company in West Valley City Ut, will use a truck mounted extraction system with powerful pressure and extreme heat to remove the most difficult dirt, allergens and bacteria that is stuck in your carpet.


CarpetUash is the Best Solution

CarpetUash is the best option because we deal with tons of cleaning companies and know what is best for the service that you need. You just have to call us or fill the form to ask for a quote and tell us what is the service that you need.

There is: rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, oriental rug cleaning, special stain removal and more.

We only deal with rug cleaning companies that:

Provide a full guarantee of their services
Have a lot of experience with many satisfied customers
Use only Green Cleaning products safe for your family, your pets and the environment.
Have certified technicians that are regularly trained.


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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

The Following process is a sequence of steps that we comply with in each and every cleaning treatment we apply in West Valley city Ut

  • In order to get the most suitable results for our customers we comply with an established process every time and we adapted to your necessities and carpeting conditions. We figure out what is the ideal treatment solution for your carpets for example, dry, hot water extraction or chemdry.
  • We strongly recommend that you move prior to our cleaning work any fragile things and electronics. When we arrive we can take out any light furniture so we can kick off our cleaning treatment method.
  • Inspection, in this phase we make a total inspection of every space of your carpet to identify difficult stains, over used areas and soiling conditions. In this manner we can far better determine the most effective treatment to apply.
  • Next we treat by hand any stains that need careful focus and gently clean it.
  • At this point we initiate our pre-vacuum stage where we remove all the soil and dirt in your rug. This move is crucial to move on to the subsequent phase.
  • High traffic areas are treated with organic spray for more effective soil removal.
  • Right after we have loosened the soil, our truck mounted hot water extraction system will completely flush the carpet pile with an organic rinsing agent. We regulate the heat and pressure so the rug or carpet is not over wet.
  • A protective agent is applied to your carpet which in turn avoids dust and soil from entering into your fibers and accumulate. This shield is found on new carpets but with time goes away.
  • When we are finished cleaning, we review all our work with you, so we can make sure that all is good and that you are delighted with our service.

Frequently Asked Question you should know

is your service Warranted?
We do Warrant all our Work in West Valley city Ut, if you discover anything that we might just have missed in the next 30 days, we clean it for no further cost.

How can i know what is the cost, can i get a quote?
We can supply you with a cost-free estimate over the phone, but is very important that you let our company know the number of areas, aprox square feet and any specific services that you might possibly need.

What is the most effective procedure dry cleaning or steam cleaning?
There are different reliable cleaning approaches like dry cleaning, chem dry, but we recommend hot water extraction cleaning, its the method that most carpet manufacturers encourage.

i wish to eradicate those ugly stains, could you do it?
We got the most sophisticated cleaning solutions, we try to wipe out all types of spots from gum, wine, urine, candy, etc. in a lot of scenarios we can certainly do it, but sometimes the substance can make it very difficult to totally eliminate.

When should i clean my carpet and rugs?
If you have a huge family of five or more individuals or you utilize quite a bit your carpets you should really clean up them every five months to maintain their elegance and smoothness.

i want to avoid any hazardous substances on my carpet that could possibly harm my family, do you use harsh substances?
No, we only use Family Friendly cleaning agents that are healthy for your children and dogs. We dont use any hazardous chemical substance or severe cleaning agents.

I have pet pee and dog odors on my rug could you remove it?
Yes, we use the most pro rug cleaning equipment and cleaning products that enable to eliminate pet urine, odors and spots without damaging your carpet and rugs fibers.

What do i require to do prior to getting my rugs cleaned?
Even if we can take out furniture, its strongly recommended that you take out any large furniture, electronics and any fragile objects.


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We work with commercial or residential carpet cleaning in West Valley City Ut. We use only green cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and kids.

If you need carpet, rug, oriental rug, upholstery or tile and grout cleaning we can help you at an affordable price.

Our business is based on our reputation, that is why we want you to be fully satisfied with our cleaning work and have you as a life customer.

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