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CarpetUash Carpet Cleaning in West Jordan Utah, We deliver excellent results, family friendly, fast drying time. We remove stains, spots, pet odors, bacteria and allergens.

Are you looking for professional carpet cleaning in West Jordan Ut, do you want real results from a cleaning company with years of experience, that uses only safe cleaning solutions and at a price you can afford?

CarpetUash is the right company to  help you out, our mission is to find the best carpet cleaning company in West Jordan Utah to provide you an amazing service at a fair price.

Nowadays you cant afford to hire a second hand company or a bad cheap quality service, that will only destroy or damage your carpets and rugs in the long run. Carpets are expensive and require proper maintenance or else they become dull, lifeless and stiff.

We want to help you have a great service from a company that you can trust and that will perform a great service using steam cleaning and professional equipment such as a truck mounted system to obtain the best results.


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Why pro carpet cleaning in West Jordan Ut is a must if you have a carpet

Carpets and Rugs require the right cleaning and maintenance as your manufacturer recommend if you want to make your warranty valid. You should follow proper cleaning standards and hire pro cleaners every few months.

it is highly recommended that you vacuum your carpet every day to remove all the dirt and dust that accumulates. If you fail to do this your carpet fibers will absorb all the dirt and retain allergens.

Hiring expert residential or commercial carpet cleaners in West Jordan utah will help to remove all that dirt that accumulates in your rug and your vacuum cant remove.

Powerful pressure extraction vacuums and extreme heat will get rid of the most tough dirt and remove bacteria.

Why CarpetUash is the answer for your needs

You dont have to  sweet finding the right rug cleaning company, we do it for you, we deal with tons of cleaning businesses and know which  ones are serious and which ones are not, you just have to ask for a quote.

Just tell us what service you need in West Jordan, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning,, floor cleaning, flood restoration or speciality stain removal, we find the right person for you.

We at carpetuash have the experience and can help you out, we look for a company  that:

Does not use  hazard products
Is family safe
Use steam cleaning, dry cleaning or chem dry
Leave low moisture or Zero Residue
Guarantee their services
Provide an amazing customer service
Have proven experience in their field.


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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

To obtain the very best Results we follow a tested series of steps in West Jordan Ut

  • If you want to make your rug or carpets look great and beautiful every single time, we follow a proven routine of steps that our specialists use on a regular basis. We fine-tune this treatment method to your particular requirements depending on your rug conditions.
  • We strongly recommend that you move before hand any breakable objects and electronics. When we get here we can take away any light home furniture so we can kick off our cleaning treatment method.
  • We kick off by assessing each and every single area of your carpet, we check its soiling conditions, recognize spots and possible long-term spots.
  • Then we treat by hand any spots that need detailed focus and gently clean it.
  • At this point we initiate our pre-vacuum phase where we clear away all the dust and dirt in your rug or carpet. This step is extremely important to advance to the following phase.
  • Most used areas and spots are treated with eco-friendly spray for more efficient spot and soil removal.
  • To obtain the most ideal results we use our truck mounted hot extraction system that really helps to flush the carpet pile making use of pressure and heat at a safe standard to obtain the most effective steam cleaning results.
  • A defensive agent is applied to your carpet which in turn prevents dust and soil from entering your fibers and accumulate. This protector is applied on new carpets but with time goes away.
  • We are totally devoted with you, thats the reason that we review each and every single area with you and if you find that we skip something, we clean it.

FAQs you may want to know before you hire our services in West Jordan Utah

What Guarantee do i get?
Do not distress, our job is completely guaranteed. We know how vital is for you the security of selecting a wonderful service, you really don't risk a thing with our team.

Do you offer No cost quotes in West Jordan Ut?
We can give you with a totally free price quote over the phone, but is crucial that you let our business know the number of rooms, aprox square feet and any special services that you might possibly need.

What is the most effective procedure dry cleaning or steam cleaning?
There are various effective cleaning methods like chem dry, dry cleaning, but we highly recommend steam cleaning, its the procedure that most carpet and rug manufacturers encourage.

Do you employ any tough substance in your treatment?
We don't use hazardous substances, we get the job done basically only with risk-free cleaning solutions that have been demonstrated to be pretty good and do not contain any harming materials that might hurt the health of your little ones and pets.

i need to eliminate those awful spots, could you accomplish it?
With our powerful cleaning agents we can definitely eliminate most types of spots and stains, however sometimes the material makes it tricky to thoroughly eliminate.

When must i clean my carpet?
If you have a big family of 5 or more individuals or you utilize a great deal your carpets you should really clean them every five months to retain their glamor and smoothness.


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Ask for a free quote, one of our representatives will ask you for some details about the service you need and he will give you a quote. If you have any questions about our carpet cleaning service in West Jordan Utah, just ask.

Our best carpet cleaners in West Jordan are ready to help you and advice you on the best way to keep your carpets and rugs in great shape.

Carpets should be properly cleaned at least every five months, so you can keep them clean, soft and free of unhealthy allergens.

We want to gain your trust and have you as a life customer that is why we do our best for your satisfaction.

Our Mission is to make your carpets last for years soft and smooth.

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