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Guaranteed Pro Carpet Cleaning  in Salt Lake City Utah, we remove stains, dirt, bacteria, odors and difficult spots using only safe cleaning solutions.

Are you looking for low moisture, zero Residue residential or commercial carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City Ut? CarpetUash is the right company that can find you the best cleaning company that can deliver great results fast and is family safe.

Carpet and Rug cleaning is a serious business and you need to hire only the best if you want your carpets to last for many years. However the best does not mean the most expensive, we can help you find the company that will do a great service with proven experience, at an affordable prices, only using green cleaning products.

Is important that you dont hire second hand companies that use only cheap detergents with chemicals and toxic substances that could harm your family health.



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Why Pro carpet cleaning in Salt Lake City Utah is necessary

There are people that buy an expensive beautiful carpet but dont do the required maintenance, therefore their carpets become dull, lifeless and stiff in just a few years or less. In order to avoid that, you need to hire professional carpet cleaning in salt lake city ut every 5 or 6 months if you have a family.

If you have an apartment of only 2 people and you dont use as much your carpet, then it may be enough to clean it every 12 months.

A great steam cleaning treatment will extract all the dirt and stains from your carpet giving it new life and protecting your carpet from bacteria and allergens from the environment.


Why CarpetUash is the right choice

With carpetuash you just ask for a quote and we quickly find you the best company for the service you need in your area.

For example you may want rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or carpet restoration. We can help you out, we find the experts that fit our quality standards and send it to your house.

We can also  help you with flood water restoration in salt lake city.

When we hire carpet cleaners in Salt Lake city Utah we want it to:

Follow the industry cleaning standards
Use only environment friendly cleaning products safe for your family
Do dry or steam cleaning with professional equipment
Have a truck  mounted extraction steam system
Guarantee their services
Have a proven experience in the industry
Have a fast drying time if possible

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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Here are the Proven cleaning steps we comply with each time

  • To get the best results for our clients we comply with a tested process each time and we adjusted to your needs and carpet conditions. We figure out what is the ideal treatment for your carpets for example, dry cleaning, hot water extraction or chem-dry.
  • We remove any light home furniture on our way and any sort of fragile objects. We recommend that you remove any electronics and large home furniture if needed before we arrive.
  • We start off with our pre-inspection step, our specialists will examine every spot of concern, in addition to taking note of carpeting soiling conditions, pinpoint spots.
  • We treat by hand tough stains and possible permanent stains with our special solutions.
  • We now establish our prevacuum phase, we thoroughly vacuum to take out all the dry dust. Extracting dry soil is one of the absolute most vital steps and needed for the subsequent steps.
  • We now apply our prespray special cleaning treatment that allows to take away soil and spots effectively.
  • To attain the most ideal results we use our truck mounted system that aids to flush the carpet pile using pressure and heat at a secure standard to achieve the most effective steam cleaning benefits.
  • Brand-new carpets have an unique protective shield that protects against soil from getting trap in your fibers, but it eventually disappears. At this moment we add this protecting shield for longer safety.
  • We are completely committed with you, thats why we review each and every single area with you and if you find that we miss anything, we clean it.

Here is a FAQ of our Rug Cleaning Services

How can i obtain a free cost estimate in Salt Lake City Ut?
You can give us a call and we can deliver you an estimate over the cell phone, you just have to explain us how many areas you require our business to clean. Nevertheless is most recommended if we can inspect the areas we have to clean and detect the regions that really need exclusive attention.

What is the most effective rug cleaning procedure?
There are various cleaning solutions such as dry cleaning, hot water extraction and chem dry, each of those are wonderful as long as they are applied by pros. We use hot water extraction as the most ideal method.

Do you use any rough chemicals in your treatment method?
No, we basically use Family Friendly cleaning products that are secure for your little ones and dogs. We do not work with any hazardous chemicals or harsh cleaning agents.

What form of planning do i must do before you visit?
We suggest that you move any large home furniture, electronics and fragile things.

Are your employees Properly Instructioned?
All our staff are trained on a frequent manner on new procedures and they are certified.

How often should i wash my rug or carpet?
Though the majority of carpet makers highly recommend that you clean your rug or carpet every twelve to eighteen months, it actually depends upon its utilization. If you have a family of five people or more you have to clean your rug every five months at the very least.


Now its up to you to take the right decision and call us

We know how important is for you to take care of your carpets and rugs, thats why you are on this site trying to find the right carpet and rug cleaning company in Salt Lake City Ut. Well, look no further, just give us a call or fill out the form, tell us the service you need and how many rooms and we will give you a quote as soon as possible.

If you need any other service such as upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning or carpet restoration we can hook you up with the right company that will do the job properly and have the experience.

CarpetUash is dedicated to you, ask us any questions you have, we can do green carpet cleaning, commercial carpet cleaning in Salt Lake city Utah and at an affordable price.


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