These are the Most Common Carpet Stain Causes

carpet cleaning professionalsNo matter how careful you are eventually your are going to get stains in your carpet, it can happen in a big party at home, the kids birthday party and even your new pet that doesent know what do to. You may be very lucky if you dont get a stain in your carpet with all those parties.

If you have guests at home and a wine spilled at the floor, dont worry, if you kids enter your home with their dirt shoes after playing football, relax you can still remove all the dirt and stains.

So here are the most common causes of stains in your carpet:


In a recent study 22% of carpet cleaning was due to pet stains. We like our pets but when they use our carpet to make their necessities we can get very angry. Stains caused by pet accidents are some of the  toughest. Pet urine has different chemicals like sodium, urea and uric acid. Urine decompose very slowly. The Uic acid is a very damaging chemical in cats, that will continue to damage your carpets if you taken care.

Pet stains are hard to remove, but urine also contains hormones that let them know where their spot is.


If you have children you know how difficult it can be to take care of them and keep attention of what they are doing or what they are using to cause a mess. It doesent matter how careful we are eventually our kids will take some food or candy and will mess with your carpet.

Its really not fun and you can even get angry, you can clean it up, but sometimes a professional carpet cleaner is required to do a deep clean to remove that stain and keep your carpet looking great.

Gums in the carpet can create a hard and crusty stain, ketchup is another problem.

Dirt and Mud

You can avoid that as long as people enter your house, guests that come from other places will get dirt and mud into your home. A high percent of carpet cleaning is done due to carpets getting extremely soiled. You can try to prevent this by asking your guests to take their shoes off.

But at some point you will have to get a deep clean for your carpet to remove all that dirt and mud.


Parties can be one of the biggest reasons of carpet stains, depending of how many people you invite there would be a lot of traffic in some areas of your carpets, people drinking and having fun and eating will at some point throw some food at the carpets, the shows of many people will cause a lot of dirt.

Of course is not the same if you have a couples party with your friends with a few people, than if your 18 year old daughter throws a big party with all his high school friends.

Alcohol and wine spills are common and they should be treated by professionals, you can try to clean it, but a deep clean may be necessary to remove the stains and revive your carpet.


You should really consider hiring a carpet cleaning professional in your city to do the job and now realy on a simple home cleaning because you are dealing with your expensive carpet if you want it to last you should give it proper care.

Dont forget that keeping your carpet clean is not just to make it look great, but also for the health ofy our family and kids, you dont want them playing around in carpets full of mud and dirt.