These are 3 Companies that use Steam Vapor Cleaning to Make Money

steamvaporThere is a growing “Green” Movement that is going very strong, it is described in different ways such as organic, natural, sustainable, healthy, safe, non toxic, chemical free, etc.

So what if you could simplify your cleaning process to just one ingredient: Tap Water. Well that is what Cleaning business owners through United States are doing, they are reducing harm and error to the lowest possibility by using tap water.

Tap Water is the only ingredient that powers the ladybug series of steam vapor cleaning and desinfecting systems by Advanced Vapor Technologies, which is the most used chemical free cleaning tool in the US.

But how can you compete on price and time with traditional cleaning businesses that use apply and wipe procedures?

2 Green chicks of Norman, Ok

When our cleaning chicks started working with the Ladybug, Chick Christine wrote her middle name “Dolly” in an oven vent! The amount of grime that can be steamed away is amazing, and our clients love the results.

Windsor Maid Service of Houston, Tx

Having the ability to disinfect surfaces in clients’ homes without using chemicals that they might be sensitive to is a huge benefit to us.

Another advantage of the dry steam vapor system is that there aren’t any chemicals involved; there also isn’t any residue. This makes our maintenance cleaning quicker and easier, saving us money in payroll expenses.

Troy Knight

Our focus is to use products and processes that are less toxic and have lower VOCs than many traditional cleaning methods.

Green Cleaning is becoming a growing trend that clients appreciate, not just because is good for the environment, but because people are concerned with the health for their family.

There are so many household products with toxic chemicals that using green cleaning services and products will be in greater demand.

People have become more aware of their health and there are so many people that get cancer and other illnesses, that they are willing to pay for green cleaning to avoid any risk.

These green movement can be applied to different cleaning businesses such as floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, laundry cleaning, and more. These movement should be a win win for businesses and clients.