The Most Hygienic option for Hand Drying in Public Washrooms is Single use Towels

In a recent European Tissue Symposium 2016 leading microbiologist Keith Redway from the University of Westminster and Professor Mark Wilcox presented their latest research into the risks for hand drying to spread viruses in the washroom.

airjetdryerThey explored the risks that different hand drying methods are for the dispersal of viruses in public washrooms. They compared 3 hand drying methods warm air dryiers, jet air dryers and single use paper towels and then measured the virus spread over heigh, distance and in the air.

Redway explained “We found a huge difference between jet air dryers and warm air dryers”, Jet air dryers have an air speed of 600 km per house and therefore are a greater potential for the virus to spread higher and wider and increase the risk of transmission.

Professor Mark Wilcox showed results to his audience that the most importnat wasy for micro organisms to spread are via air and hands. In new recent experiments they found that in a 7 day period, a hospital washroom with paper towels showed lower levels of contamination with fewer bacteria that a similar washroom with et air dryers.

In conclusion Redway said that their research suggest that when there is concern of infection, the choice of hand drying methods should be carefully considered.

This type of research is very important not just for public places but also for your home, as you can see is better to use paper towels for cleaning your hands after bathroom than using an air dry cleaner.

More of this type of research is very helpful so we can know what is best not just for cleaning but for our health and of our family.


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