Specialty Stain Removal Service

stain removalYou are at home and your kids are playing in your living room suddenly they spill a cup of wine over your carpet and your dog pee on your rug, that is a common scenario that every family has to face from time to time you cant avoid your carpets, furniture upholstery or rugs from getting stains is part of your daily life, but you have to deal with it if you want your carpets to last and look great.

Stains can be though to remove specially if you dont have the right products and if you do clean it up with harsh cleaning products you can damage your carpet fibers.

Call the Stain Removal Experts

It is better to call the cleaning professionals such as the CarpetUash Team and let them do the proper job. Most spots and spills can be easily removed by professionals. However There are some difficult stains such as lipstick, paint or permanent maker that may require a special treatment.

Our team of experts will let you know what kind of treatment your carpet stains require and what the cost is. We use professional cleaning products to take care of your stains and spots, so your rugs and carpet fibers dont get damaged. CarpetUash can help you out remove all those difficult stains from your rugs, carpets and upholstery.

We can remove some of the most difficult and toughest stains such as:

Pet Accidents
Food Stains
Wine Spills
and more

We can also help you out prevent stains on your carpet by providing you a special service that keep your carpet fibers protected in case of an accident. Just ask our experts and we will help you out.

Dont leave your carpet stains without cleaning, the longer time you wait the more difficult it will be the remove them and cause damage to your carpet.  Avoid cleaning it with second hand products that can damage your carpet fibers, let the experts do their job, a carpet is an expensive luxury item that requires special treatment to last.

We give you a 100% Guarantee and we will not leave until you are satisfied with our service. It is also good to clean your carpets at least every 6 months to protect them and also to remove all the allergens and bacteria that gets accumulated over time, you dont want your kids playing over bacteria from pets, dirt and dust that can damage their health.


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