Should your Family Help you Clean up your Home

childcleaningThe other day i was reading an interesting article about a mother with their family. After having meal the mother was cleaning all the mess and doing all the job while the father and kids where sitting in the sofa just playing and relaxing.

So the mother started to feel like it was not right for them to just sit and relax while the work could be done much faster if everyone helps  with the cleaning process, so she can finish faster and relax with them.

So she call up her kids and husband to help clean up, at first there was no response then the husband said to their child: “let go help your mom” and so they went to help her.

But suddenly she started to feel guilty, it was not right, he had done it wrong, because cleaning the home should not be about helping me.

She actually likes her work as a stay at mom parent, but it should not be just her responsibility. In her case she also works on her own from home, so she needs to clean her home and also work from home.

So she cant get done as much cleaning as she did before, but she has though her children that home cleaning is her job and that is a mistake.

As she says: “i want kids who realize that taking care of our home is important work and because its important work, we should all do it”

This is about showing their children how families work together, we are all in this together.

I really think she is right and children should be though to be part of the cleaning process of the house since very small, at least showing them to pick up their toys after playing and as they start to grow teach them to help clean their areas and be responsible.