Questions you need to know about Deep Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Deep Cleaning is a common carpet cleaning process that removes most of the dirt and ground in grit that causes serious damage to yoru carpet fibers. With deep cleaning you protect your carpet investment.

Deep cleaning is different from traditional carpet shampooing because shampooing is much harder and more likely to re soil.

How Does Deep Cleaning Work?

A deep cleaning machine forces a warm cleaning mixture deep into the carpet to remove out dirt as the built in brushes help root out the deep dirt. Also a powerful suction pulls out the liquid and dirt.

Most people reer to deep cleaning as a steam cleaner, however steam cleaner should be used for hard surfaces only and not to clean carpets, the steam can acutally damage carpet fibers and remove the protection. On the other hand a deep cleaner force a mixture of hot water and a cleaning solution into the carpet to clean deep down.

The combination of water and cleaning solution is required for dirt removal and the carpet cleaning protection process. Even stain resistant carpets needd to be cleaned on for maintenance.

Does Carpet Protection Needs to be Reapplied?

The time a protection last depends on a number of variables like the amount of people traffic, frequency of spills, how often you vaccume and clean.

Deep cleaning machines can also be sued to clean furniture, stairs, auto upholstery, mattresses, etc.

Deep cleaning machines are usually safe in all carpets, just make sure that you buy a quality one with a guarantee.

Drying time vary depending on the type of carpet, its thickness of the pad and the cleaning techniques used. Usually is a good practice to wait for 4 to 6 hours.

It should take less than an hours to clean a room of 12 x 12

Deep cleaning machines are not cheap, but if you consider the cost of a quality carpet then it should be a no brainer, you need to provide good maintenance and care to your carpets if you want them to last.

However it is always advice to call the carpet cleaning professionals in your area and let them to the job of cleaning your carpets, removing stains, spots and spills at least once a year or every 6 months. You should be careful to only choose quality companies that Guarantee their work and that use only professional cleaning equipment. Ask for a free quote and make sure that there are no hidden costs.