Questions you Should ask your Carpet Retailer before you Buy


If you want to purchase a carpet is very important to decide where to buy it and which type of carpet to buy. The right sales team can help you have a very good shopping experience, they can install your carpet without you having to worry about anything. Choosing the wrong installer could cause you a lot of problems and unpleasant costs.

However with a little bit of research you can avoid a lot of hassles and have a great experience. These are some questions that you should ask your retailer when choosing where to buy your carpet.

How Much experience do you have, for how long have you been in the carpet business?

This is one of the first questions that you should ask, because you want the company your dealing with to be reliable and well established for many years.

A business that has 4 or more years is a successful business and is more likely to be around for many more years. This way you can rely on them for support.

Also when a seller known that you may want to return in the future for another purchase, he will do anything to make sure that you have a great experience buying.

It does not mean that every new company provides a bad service, but it means that many years in the business means that they have a lot of satisfied customers.

What does the Price Include?

Carpet Companies charge their products in different ways or different prices, is important that you ask if they charge the cost per square foot or per square yard of carpeting or any other measure that they use.

Now you need to ask what is included in the price, some carpet companies only include the carpet in the price but not the installation or cushion, ask all details.

What does the installation price include? Do they use premium pad or do you have to upgrade for another cost?

Also keep in mind that upholstery in stairs and other areas will cost you extra as well as removal of your current carpet. Some companies tell you what is the total cost and you can reduce by eliminating some of their services.
Who will do the installation?

You need to ask the company if they are going to do the carpet installation or they sub contract the work. There is no problem if they subcontract but you need to know that the company is responsible and that they will supervise the work.

If they are going to charge you a lot for the subcontract installation, then back away and hire your own carpet installation.
Are your Carpet Installers insured?

You need to ask if you and your carpet installers are insured, you want to be protected in case the company makes a bad work or they damage your carpet. With a carpet installation insurance you are protected.
Can i see your previous work?

Most carpet installers will have some photos of previous work they did and their satisfied clients. If they did an installation to a business restaurant, hotel or somewhere else they will tell you.

Just make sure that they have testimonials from previous customers and that they have done some preofessional work.
Ask the carpet company what is the recommended Cleaning procedure for your carpet

They should tell you how you should clean your carpet and how often it needs professional carpet cleaning. They will tell you how often you shoul clean your carpet to make your warranty valid.

Cleaning your carpet should be a priority, if you want to preserve your investment for many years and see your carpet soft, smooth, smelling good and beautiful you need to vacuum it regularly and hire pro carpet cleaning every few months.
Ask them for a Guarantee

You should ask them if their carpets have a guarantee and how long it last. Also they will tell you what their guarantee covers and what care you should give your carpet to make your warranty valid.
As you can see those are some important questions that you should keep in mind before you buy a carpet, it is not complicate but if you want to have a happy purchase is important that you know what you are buying and how much is going to cost you before hand.

Compare your options, dont settle for the first company, look at different carpet designs ask the employee what are the most durable carpets and what cleaning procedure they need.

Check the type of material the carpet is and how easy is to clean it or if it repels allergens. If the employee cant give you the proper information about the type of carpet you want to buy they go to other place.

You need to look for a carpet that is suitable for the place where you want it either your home, business, office, hotel, living room, etc.


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