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Best Carpet Cleaning in Carson City Nevada, we remove tough stains, blemishes, pet odors, pet stains, deep dirt, allergens, bacteria and restore your carpet beauty.

If you want your carpet and rugs to look beautiful, soft and smooth you need to hire the best carpet cleaners in Carson City Nv and by best it does not mean the most expensive, it means experience, pro equipment and quality service.

We at CarpetUash are specialists at finding the best professional carpet cleaners in your area and evaluate their reputation so we can put you in contact with a reliable company in Carson City that can do the cleaning job at the right price.

Carpet cleaning is a serious business and you should not hire just anybody, carpets and rugs are expensive and require proper care or else they become stiff and dull.

We find and evaluate the best companies, just as for a free quote and tell us what service you need.



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Why you need to hire Residential or Commercial Expert carpet cleaners ASAP

There are many homeowners and business owners that dont give their carpets the right treatment, they just vacuum every now and then and expect their carpet to last fine for many years.

Unfortunately is not that simple, common vacuums can not reach  deep pollutants stuck in your carpet fibers therefore dirt and allergens accumulate, as you walk over pollutants they fall into your fibers and attract bugs.

One day when you notice your carpet will be dull, lifeless and stiff, but worst of all it will be full of allergens that your kids and personal inhale and can cause sickness.

That is why is important that you hire professionaal carpet and rug cleaning in Sparks Nv every 5 or 6 months.

CarpetUash is the best option for you to keep your carpets and rugs in shape

We at carpetuash are very concerned with providing a high quality service, all our business is  based on our reputation, that is why we carefully evaluate each carpet cleaning company in Sparks Nevada and based on your needs we put you in contact with the best at a fair price.

We can cover most cleaning services in Sparks for example you may need:
Carpet, area rug, oriental rug cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, floor cleaning, Carpet Repair, Stain Speciality Removal, upholstery cleaning and pet odor removal.

Every time we select a company we make sure that they have the following:

A full Warranty of their cleaning services
Fully trained and certified technicians
Great Customer service
Should be experts at steam cleaning and dry cleaning
Should have a truck mounted extraction cleaning system
Should only use family safe cleaning products without toxic substances or harsh chemicals.


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We care for you

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

This is a video in the news of another pro company

stain removal

What is our rug and carpet cleaning method? here is how it works

  • To make your rugs look soft and beautiful every time, we stick to a proven routine of steps that our experts use on a consistent basis. We change this treatment to your specific necessities depending on your carpet and rugs conditions.
  • We beforehand need to move any sofas, chairs and electronics that may likely be on our way. If you possess any very heavy home furniture is highly recommended that you remove it before we arrive along with any breakable items
  • Inspection, in this step we make a complete inspection of every spot of your carpet to recognize tough stains, high traffic locations and soiling conditions. By doing this we can much better establish the optimal treatment to utilize.
  • We then deal with spots by hand applying our powerful hazard free cleaning agent.
  • At this moment we start our pre-vacuum stage where we extract all the dust and dirt in your rug. This move is very important to advance to the subsequent phase.
  • Most used spots and areas are handled with all natural pre-spray for more efficient soil and spot removal.
  • Right after we have loosened the soil, our truck mounted hot water extraction system will totally flush the carpet pile with an organic agent. We control the heat and pressure so the rug or carpet is not over wet. We use a water temperature level between 181F and 191F.
  • When you buy a brand-new carpet, they have a very special defensive shield that protects against soil from getting trap in your fibers, but it inevitably disappears. Now we add this protective shield for greater safety.
  • We review our service with you, so you can prove that you like the end results and that you are ecstatic or else we clean again.

Here are some Explanations about our carpeting cleaning services in Carson City Nv

Do you offer No cost quotes in Carson City Nevada?
We can offer you with a free quotation over the phone, but is essential that you let us know the amount of areas, aprox sqft and any particular services that you may want.

What is the most ideal treatment dry or hot water extraction cleaning ?
There are different cleaning treatments such as dry cleaning, hot water extraction and chem dry, all of those are awesome just as long as they are administered by pros. We use steam cleaning or hot water extraction as the very best procedure.

i want to avoid any harmful substances on my carpet that could hurt my family members
We don't ever work with harmful solutions or tough detergents, we use safe cleaning solutions that have been verified to be gentle to your rug fibers and your loved ones.

Do i need to have any prior preparation?
Its essential that you remove any electronics products, breakable objects and large furniture that we cant move.

Do you train your employees on a regular basis?
All our staff are clearly instructioned on a periodic manner, on new cleaning solutions and they are licensed.

Can you put a protective shield on my rug?
Yes, with everyday use the carpet fibers become scratched and harmed, you will likely detect it on frequently used traffic spots. Carpet guards such as Dupont Teflon fabric protector allow to fill those scratches to ensure that dirt and stain does not stay on them.


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Dot settle for cheap, amateur or second hand companies, we have the professional equipment, the best trained staff and safe cleaning products and treatments. You need to be careful not to hire just anybody, your carpet fibers require proper care or else they become stiff.

You can try our professional carpet cleaning services in Carson city Nevada, we use green cleaning products and offer a full Guarantee.

Dont let stains, dirt, bugs and allergens stay on your carpet, we can eliminate them gently with our powerful steam cleaning process. Our mission is to make your carpet last soft, smooth and beautiful for a long time.


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