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Do you want Professional Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe New Mexico? We can happily do the job and remove the most though spots, dirt and bacteria with our green cleaning solutions.

If you have bought a carpet or area rug you know how important is to take care of it and clean it on a regular basis or else it starts to look ugly, dusty and stiff.

We can help you with professional carpet cleaning service in Santa Fe NM, we offer a very high quality service, we look into detail and we like to preserve the life of your carpets for a long time.

There are people that dont hire deep cleaning or steam cleaning and the results are terrible, common vacuums cant extract deep dust, dirt and unhealthy allergens.

To remove that deep dirt stuck in your carpet fibers you need extreme vacuum power and heat that just the professionals can give you.

Carpet and area rug cleaning is a serious business that if not done correctly can cause more damage.

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cleaning carpetHow can our Cleaning service in Santa Fe New Mexico Help you

We are an expert carpet cleaning company in Santa Fe NM, we can help you get rid of deep dust, dirt, allergens, microorganisms that may harm the health of your family and unwanted odors from pets.

But we do the work with care, we use only safe cleaning products and hand treat stains to make sure that they are removed without damaging your rug fibers.

We make a complete evaluation of your carpet so we can decide what is the best treatment to make a complete overhaul. If you carpet has lost its glow we are going to do our best to make it look great again.


carpet cleaning professionalsBut Why hire the experts and not do it your self

It is highly recommended that you vacuum your carpets every day if possible to remove all the top dirt and dust that shoes all day. However no matter how much care you have some of the dust ends up in the base of your carpet fibers and therefore a common vacuum cant remove them.

As time goes on more and more dirt gets stuck in your rug base and it becomes unhealthy for your children and pets.

This is why you should hire pro carpet cleaners in Santa Fe NM at least every 5 months. This will help you remove the most stubborn dirt with our extreme power vacuum and extreme heat.

Dont leave it for later we can apply dry cleaning or steam cleaning both are very powerful cleaning methods that we do.


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Excellent  Service
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We treat your Carpet with care
We Revive your Carpet Softness and Beauty
We extend the life of your Carpets and rugs

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

With is our Proven cleaning process

  • To make sure that every work that we do is excellent, we follow a proven process that works great and we adapt it to your needs and carpet conditions.
  • We start by inspecting every area of your house that we are going to clean. We check your carpet soiling conditions, find stains and decide what is the best treatment for you.
  • We remove any furniture and breakable things and start our pre-vacuum process to remove most of the dust and dirt.
  • We hand treat stains carefully using our special cleaning solutions.
  • We apply our dry cleaning or steam cleaning treatment using our truck mounted system to extract all the dirt from your carpets without leaving moisture.
  • Once again we take care of stains to remove them completely.
  • We have a special protector that helps to keep dirt away from the base of your carpet, so you can remove it with your vacuum easily.
  • Finally we always like to review all the areas we cleaned with you, your opinion is the most important review and we want to know it. We want you to be completely satisfied with our work.

Questions most customers want to know

What can you do for my old ugly rug?
we can certainly give it a complete overhaul using our special cleaning solutions. If it is very deteriorated we will let you know and do our best.

Can you Guarantee your services, what if im not satisfied with the results?
Dont worry, all the pressure is on us, we fully guarantee our services, if you are not satisfied with the results, we dont charge you.

Does your products use toxic chemicals?
No, we dont use any type of detergents, shampoos or harsh chemicals that could harm your carpet fibers and your family health, we only use green cleaning solutions.

Can i get a free quote here in Santa fe?
Sure, just give us a call, a representative will answer, you have to give him the sizes of your rooms and he will give you a quote over the phone.

What is better dry cleaning, carpet cleaning or chem dry?
All those treatments are great and effective as long as they are applied by a professional with the right cleaning agents. We often recommend steam cleaning as the most effective procedure.

What do i have to do to prepare for your service?
Just hire help to remove any heavy furniture that we cant remove easily.



Here is what we advice you to do

carpetcleanerIf you are in need of carpet cleaning because your carpet is ugly, dusty, stiff or because of a water disaster, whatever the problem we can help you out with out top notch cleaning technology.

Hire our carpet cleaning services in Santa fe New Mexico and we take care of your carpets and area rugs.

We dont just clean, we preserve the life of your rugs and carpets, so they can retain its softness and beauty for a long time.

Call us now and give us a try, we fully guarantee our services.

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