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Get Outstanding Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Las Cruces New Mexico, we do a complete makover to your carpets and remove though stains and odors without using toxic chemicals.

Are your carpets and area rugs dusty, lifeless, deteriorated, discolorated or stained? we can help you out, you need to provide deep cleaning to  your carpet every few months or else it starts to loss its softness and beauty, we are expert carpet cleaners in Las Cruces NM.

We are professionals and can help you remove deep dust, dirt, unwanted odors, urine, though stains, spots and anything else, but we do it with care and paying attention to detail without using toxic chemicals.

Is important that you hire a carpet cleaning company that only uses safe cleaning solutions and that knows how to apply a steam or dry cleaning treatment.

We dont just  clean, we look to preserve and extend the life of your carpet fibers staying soft, fresh and beautiful.



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Why your Carpet Fibers Deteriorate?

Everyday your family and guests use your carpet and walk with your shoes that leave dirt and bacteria. When you carpet is new it comes with a special protector that prevents dirt from falling into your carpet base (which makes it easy to remove dirt with a vacuum), but with use and time it wears off and dirt falls to the base of your carpet fibers and it becomes impossible to remove with a common vacuum.

As you vacuum every day you remove all the superficial dirt, but all the dirt and bacteria that is stuck in your carpet fibers base deteriorate your rug and it can even be harmful for the health of your family kids.

With a professional deep carpet cleaning and power vacuum that deep dirt and bacteria is removed and your carpet becomes healthy again. However if  you delay a long time without giving it proper treatment it deteriorates and discolorates.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhat you can do about it

What you can do to prevent a discolorated, dirt, lifeless and stiff carpet is to vacuum every day, avoid washing your carpet with detergents or shampoos from the supermarket and hire a good professional carpet cleaner in Las Cruces NM.

When we clean we use the best cleaning solutions that are safe for your family and pets, we remove though stains from candy, food, wine and we also apply a special protector to prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your carpet fibers.

We put special attention in doing a great job without causing damage to your fibers, we want to extend the life of your area rugs looking soft, fresh and beautiful.


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An Excellent Customer Service
WE Guarantee all our Services
We dont use toxic substances only safe cleaning solutions
We care for your carpet fibers
We restore your carpet beauty
We extend the life of your rugs

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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What is our Proven Carpet Cleaning Process?

  • Everytime we clean a new house we follow our proven cleaning process that we have perfected over a period of time. We take this process and adapt it to your specific needs.
  • WE start by making a pre-inspection of every area we are going to clean, we evaluate your carpet soiling conditions, we identify stains and decide what is the best approach for cleaning and treating your rugs.
  • We remove all furniture from the areas we are going to clean and remove any fragile or breakable things. Then we start our pre-vacuuming process to remove all the dirt and dust.
  • We hand treat though stains with our special solution.
  • We have a very powerful steam cleaning treatment that we apply, though we can also do dry cleaning if you prefer it. With our truck mounted vacuum system we remove all the though and deep dirt, bacteria and allergens.
  • We give one last touch to your stains.
  • At this point we are ready to apply a special carpet protector that prevent dirt and dust from falling to your carpet fibers base. This makes it easy for you to remove dirt with your vauum.
  • Lastly we want you to do a complete review of every area we just cleaned. If you find anything wrong we are going to treat it immediately until you are satisfied with the results.

What are some common Questions from our clients?

What can you do for my deteriorated carpet?
It is common that when a carpet has not receive proper treatment for a while it deteriorates, we can certainly give it an overhaul, if it is damaged we are going to let you know up front and what we can do about it.

can you give me a Guarantee?
Yes, we always give a guarantee of all our services. If you dont like our results we are going to re-clean or we are dont charge you, all the pressure is on us.

What treatment is best?
Some people say that dry cleaning is best that steam cleaning or the other way around. The fact is that both treatments are very effective and good for your carpets as long as they are properly applied by an expert.

Are you cleaning solutions safe for my family?
We only use safe cleaning products that dont contains harsh chemicals, toxic substances or other damaging substances that can harm the health of your family and are bad for your rug fibers.

I wan a free quote estimate?
We can give you a free quote over the phone, just call one of our representatives, he will ask you for your carpet sizes and give you a quote.



Here is what you should do Next

carpetcleanerIf you have a dirty, lifeless or stiff carpet we can revive it with our special solutions, but if your carpet is in great shape and you want it to last, we can do a professional cleaning and use the right cleaning agents and protector to promote a healthy and soft carpet.

There is no point is just cleaning and removing dirt, we want you carpet to be in great shape for many years to come, we can help you out.

Dont settle for second hand companies that are cheap but dont use top notch cleaning agents. We are professionals and have the necessary equipment.

Hire our carpet cleaning services in Rio Rancho New Mexico, our services are Guaranteed.

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