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Are you Looking for Carpet Cleaning in Albuquerque New Mexico? We can help you out to remove those though spots, stains and dirt at a very fair price.

No matter how careful you are, if with a family and use your carpet ends up full of dirt, allergens and spots, vacuuming helps but it does not remove all the dirt, you need to call the professionals in Albuquerque NM.

Alburquerque is the largest city in New Mexico and here there are many offices, home owners, restaurants and hotels that have carpets and area rugs installed that require proper maintenance.

We can take care of residential or commercial carpet cleaning, we have the pro equipment and experience to take on any job and do it with quality.

There are a lot of people that dont know how to properly take care of their carpets and they end up causing more damage to their fibers. Using the wrong cleaning agents is harmful for your rugs and your family.



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cleaning carpetWhat do we offer

We are a Professional Carpet care company in Albuquerque NN that removes most stains, spots, allergens, bacteria, microorganisms, dirt and even unwanted pet odors.

We do a high quality job, because we take care of your fibers as if it were out own carpet. We know how important is to use safe cleaning solutions that will not just protect your family, but also promote the health of your rugs and carpets for a long time.

We want your carpets to last for many years looking beautiful, soft and clean and we are experts at that. With our steam cleaning procedure and our extreme power vacuum we remove the most stubborn dirt and hand treat stains with care.


carpet cleaning professionalsWhy you Have to hire Pro Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible

Unfortunately many house owners wait too long until they start to hire professional deep cleaning for their rugs or carpets. Stains should be treat it as soon as possible and dirt also, because later it gets into the base of your fibers.

Usually new carpets have a special protector that keeps dirt on the top of the carpet fibers for a longer time so you have change to remove it or vacuum it. But later if the dirt its not removed it gets into the base of your carpet and it becomes practically impossible to remove with a common vacuum.

What you should do is clean stains and soon as possible, vacuum every day and hire pro carpet cleaners in Albuquerque NM at least every 5 months for the health of your family and rug fibers.


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An Outstanding Customer Service
Service Guaranteed
Only Safe Green cleaning solutions
Treat it Gently
We restore its softness and beauty
We extend your carpet life

3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

What is our Pro cleaning procedure

  • We like to deliver outstanding results and we Guarantee our services. In order to achieve those great results we follow a proven cleaning process.
  • We make a complete inspection of your carpets and rugs so we can determine its soiling conditions, where are the stains and what cleaning treatment is the best approach.
  • If there is any furniture that we have to move we do it, then we like to start our pre-vacuuming process where we remove all the dirt and dust.
  • We then hand treat though stains with our special green cleaning solutions.
  • We fully clean your carpet and area rugs with our dry or steam cleaning treatment which has extreme vacuum power, extreme heat and agitation that helps to get rid of the most difficult dirt, allergens and grim.
  • Once again we check stains and treat them as they need.
  • We can apply a special protective shield that helps to keep dirt away for a longer time without the need of deep cleaning for a few months.
  • We finally check and review every single area with you, we want you to verity all our work with your own eyes and be completely thrilled.

Some often asked Questions about our service

Do you have any Guarantee for your Cleaning service?
Yes, we fully guarantee our work in Albuquerque NM, if you are not satisfied we re-clean or else we dont charge you.

Can you restore my ugly carpet?
Yes we can give a complete overhaul to any of your carpets or area rugs. If your carpet is very damaged we will let you know up front.

Are your products safe for my family?
Yes of course all our cleaning products are completely safe and do not harm your kids and pets. We dont use any detergents, harsh chemicals or enzymes.

Can i Get a Quote?
Yes just give us a call and our representative can give you a free quote just with some info that you provide him about your carpet sizes.

What is best dry cleaning or Steam Cleaning?
There are some people that say that one is better that the other, the truth is that both are very effective if properly applied.

What do i have to do before you arrive?
Nothing just remove any breakable things, electronics and heavy furniture.



Now here is our final advice

carpetcleanerIf you want to keep the beauty of your carpets or get them a make over we can help you out, we deliver a quality service and pay attention to detail.

carpet manufacturers often advice to deep clean your carpets every 12 to 24 months to make your warranty valid, but be actually recommend every 5 months if you have a family of at least 5 members.

We may not be the cheapest carpet cleaning service in Albuquerque New Mexico but we know how to take care of carpets and make them last for many years. Your Rugs and carpets are a big investment, take care of them.

Call us now and ask for a free quote.

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