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We Provide Expert Carpet Cleaning in Bismarck ND, we are professionals at removing dirt, dust, odors, allergens and difficult stains.

Bismarck is the capital of North Dakota, with about 67,00 people it has some nice places to stay and to enjoy that have carpets and rugs installed. Carpets are often used in public spaces and houses to help reduce noise from shoes and electronic devices, to filter air quality traping pollen and to make a place look comfortable and warmth.

if you are going to buy a carpet, check carefully what you are choosing, what are your needs and how much care it needs. There are different types of carpets and materials such as cotton, acrylic, polypropylene, polyester and more.

Once you buy your carpet you need ask your manufacturer what are the cleaning guidelines that you have to follow to make your warranty valid. It is necessary to follow those guidelines not just for your warranty but to make sure that your carpet and rugs can last for many years.

If you dont want your carpet to become dull, lifeless, stiff and lose is softness, glow and beauty then you need to clean it regularly vacuuming, but also hire professional deep carpet cleaning every 12 to 18 months. As time pass on many carpets absorb so much bacteria, allergens and dirt that they become dangerous for the health of your family.



housekeeperWe can Professionally clean your carpet

Our company is dedicated to provide the highest quality carpet cleaning and rug cleaning service in Bismarck Nort Dakota. We proud ourselves from treating your carpets and rug gently, we dont just clean, we make your carpet look like new again.

Anyone can clean, there are many rug companies that can do it, but is the treatment that we give that makes the difference. We use cleaning agents that dont contain harsh chemicals and we clean gently until your carpet shines and look soft again.

Our cleaning service will give you the most confidence that a professional cleaning is being done and that your carpets will last for a long time. We absorb the most stubborn dirt, dust, grim, allergens, bacteria and even remove difficult stains from gum, food and pets.  You can trust us that we will make your carpet soft, smooth, smell fresh and look glowing.


Hire our expert carpet cleaning services in Bismarck ND

Vacuuming and washing your carpet may sound great, but if you dont know how to do it you may be damaging your carpet. That is why it is necessary that you ask your manufacturer what are the cleaning guidelines, how often and which cleaning agents are recommended.

The fact is that most people dont have a clue of how to properly clean their carpet, they just vacuum every week and use some detergents from the surper market to clean their rugs. Vacuuming is great and you should do it, but the truth is that no matter how often you vacuum, there are allergens, dirt and bacteria that gets stock in your carpet fibers and you cant remove them with common vacuums.

What is often recommended by carpet manufacturers is to steam clean your carpet. You may think that is simple, but its not, if you are not using the right cleaning agents with not toxic chemicals and that are proven to preserve the long term life of your carpet, then dont do it. You should hire professional carpet cleaning in Bismarck North Dakota every 12 months.


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Here are our cleaning steps

To make everything work great, we follow some very specific steps every time we clean a carpet or rug:

  • Everything starts when you call us for our services, we then provide you a free quote and make an appointment.
  • We start the pre inspection phase the moment we arrive to your home. We start by checking the carpet matrial, soiling conditions and potentially damaging stains that need our expert attention.
  • The pre vacuum phase is when we remove all the dry soil from your carpet before getting into more advanced techniques.
  • Then we start removing any chairs, sofas and furniture that can complicate our cleaning process.
  • Our pre spray phase begins, we use a pre conditioning agent that breaks down soild from traffic areas, that need special attention.
  • We then start our pre spot treatment process, by using our cleaning agents to remove them.
  • We start the pro groom process by using a rotary cleaning machine or carpet groomer.
  • This is when we extract and rinse to remove all the soil. Once we see all the loosened we use our truck mounted system to remove and flush all the carpet pile and get rid of all the residuous left behind.
  • We then do an additional step to check if the carpet is ph balanced to make sure that there are no residuous left.
  • Some spots may not be completely remove with our common cleaning techniques. If thats the case we start the post spot treatment phase, treating those spots with care.
  • In our post groom phase we give the last touch to your carpet fibers to it is looking great and soft. This process also helps to dry your carpet faster.
  • High velocity air movers are used to dry your carpet and rugs faster.
  • Now is the time for our post cleaning inspection. Here we want to review all areas we treated, we want to check it out with you and make sure that we didnt miss anything and that you are thrilled with the work.

Here are our Best benefits

We Guarantee our cleaning service, we want to make sure that you love our results, if you are not satisfied we will clean until its done. We want you as our life client.

You can get a free quote at any moment just call us and our representative will help you.

We train our employees on a regular basis, so you can be sure that they know what they are doing and use only the latest technology and safest cleaning solutions.

We use professional equipment, with our truck mounted system technology we extract all the water with residuous and soil left behind.

We only use cleaning solutions that have been proven to be healthy for your carpet and your family. We avoid any type of low quality cleaning products.

We want to be the cleaning company that you call every time you need carpet cleaning, thats why we are dedicated to provide a high quality service and be your regular cleaning provider.



Now  is the time to hire our services

Please call us as soon as possible so we can make an appointment and give you a free quote estimate, based on the extent of the areas that need cleaning.

Regular and  proper cleaning with the right treatment is what make your carpets last. There is no secret, you just have to follow some simple guidelines.

Discounts, savings and special offers are available some times during the year, but you dont need them, we have very  competitive prices.

So if you want to avoid your rug and carpet from becoming dull, lifeless, stiff and have unwanted odors, then hire our carpet cleaning services in Bismarck North Dakota.


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