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Are you looking for Pro Carpet Cleaning in Missoula mt..

There are a lot of carpet cleaning companies in Montana, but here in Missoula Mt we proud ourselves of providing a high quality carpet and rug cleaning service at a fair price that you can afford.

We at carpetuash search for the best carpet cleaning companies in your area and send you only the best, dont sweet trying to find a good company with proven experience, we do it for you.


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What should you look in a Quality Carpet cleaner company?

A great cleaning service should have an excellent customer service, provide you with a free quote over the phone and provide an excellent safe carpet cleaning service with no harsh substances and only using safe cleaning products.

Usually a professional rug cleaner company will do either dry cleaning or steam cleaning with pro equipment such as a truck mounted system and powerful vacuum extractors.

Dont settle for second hand cleaning services that just do the best they can with a common vacuum. If you dont hire a quality service your carpet fibers can suffer the consequences.

You want to keep your carpet fibers looking soft, smooth and beautiful.


How can i keep my carpets in great shape?

Here is the thing, if you want to keep your carpet beautiful in Missoula montana you need to hire expert cleaners at least every 5 months.  You can wait longer if you dont use your carpets often and you dont have a family with children.

Also you should vacuum every day at home, to remove all the superfitial dust, soil and remove stains as soon as possible.

There can be stains from wine, food, candy, gum or urine, you should clean them fast with water, however if you cant do it or the stain has a long time, you better hire professionals to remove them so you dont damage your carpet.


Be careful not to use harsh detergents or chemical substances to clean or wash your carpet at home, those can cause severe long term damage and make your carpet or rug look dull, lifeless and stiff.

Carpets in Missoula mt are expensive and need proper maintenance, ask your manufacturer what are their cleaning guidelines and follow their recommendations.


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3 Questions you Should ask your Carpet Cleaner  before he starts

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stain removal

Here are the Effective cleaning moves we follow every time

  • With our broad experience we have improved the use of an established cleaning method that our technicians apply every single time. This method is changed depending upon your special concerns and your carpet and rugs conditions.
  • We strongly recommend that you remove before hand any fragile electronic devices and other things. When we arrive we can take away any light home furnishings so we can kick off our cleaning treatment.
  • We begin by examining every single area of your carpets and rugs, we check its soiling conditions, detect stains and possible persistent stains.
  • Next we hand treat any stains that need mindful focus and gently clean it.
  • At this moment we initiate our pre-vacuum step where we remove all the dust and dirt in your rug or carpet. This move is very important to advance to the subsequent phase.
  • All the traffic areas that we identify are now addressed with an all natural pre-spray for maximum efficiency in soil extraction.
  • The moment we have loosened the soil, our truck mounted powerful system will fully flush the carpet pile with an organic agent. We control the pressure and heat so the rug or carpet is not over moist. We use a water temperature between 181F and 191F.
  • We can put on a protective shield to your rug or carpet, which aids to prevent dust from getting stored in to your rug fibers.
  • We are thoroughly committed with you, thats the reason why we review every single area with you and if you discover that we miss out on anything, we clean it.

Here we address some very important questions you may wish to know

is your job Guaranteed?
Dont stress, our services are completely guaranteed. We recognize how crucial is for you the safety of selecting a terrific service, you don't risk anything with our business.

How could i obtain a free cost quotation?
You can phone us and we can give you an estimation over the telephone in Missoula, you just need to explain us how many areas you need our business to clean. Nevertheless is best if we can inspect the areas we need to clean and detect the regions that need special attention.

What is the rug cleaning technique that your service company use?
There are various powerful cleaning techniques like chem dry, dry cleaning, but we suggest hot water extraction cleaning, its the method that most carpet companies recommend.

Do you employ any harsh chemicals that might be unhealthful for my kids?
Absolutely no, we exclusively use Family Friendly cleaning solutions that are risk-free for your little ones and pets. We dont use any harmful substance or severe cleaning agents.

I have dog urine and dog odors on my rug can you remove it?
Yes, we have the professional equipment and cleaning solutions to thoroughly eliminate smells and urine.

What kind of prep work do i require to do right before you get here?
Its very important that you remove any electronics products, breakable objects and large home furniture that we cant easily move.

Are your Employees in Missoula Appropriately Instructed?
Yes all our staff members are qualified and properly instructed on a regular manner.


Here is what we often recommend

Be careful with cheap cleaning companies or individuals that offer you to clean your carpets with cheap cleaning solutions. You need to take care of your fibers properly or else they become dull, lifeless and ugly.

Our professional staff and equipment can help you keep your carpets and rugs in Missoula Montana in terrific shape. We want you to be fully satisfied and experience our great customer service.

Give us a try call us and hire our Missoula Mt carpet cleaning service, we only use environment friendly cleaning products.


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