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Qualified Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St Peters Missouri. We Eliminate even the most persistent spots, pet odors, alcohol spill stains, dust and grim.

St Peters  of about 52,000 in St. Charles County, Missouri. This is a nationally recognized city as a great place to live and many people like to have a beautiful home, hire a good interior designer and buy a luxury carpet to provide a great look to their house and rooms.

However even though carpets are beautiful they are expensive and you know that they are an investment that you want to preserve for many years. Therefore you have to provide regular proper cleaning treatment to your carpets and rugs if you want them to last.

Therefore you have to follow you manufacturers recommended cleaning standards.

If you dont clean your carpets and provide frequent appropriate maintenance, then they will suffer the  consequences and your carpet fibers will become flat, stiff  and lifeless in no time.



housekeeperSo What is our CarpetUash Household Cleaning Service?

We are a furniture upholstery, Grout, oriental rug and carpet cleaning small business in St Peters Mo with the vision to provide our clients the highest quality carpet cleaning service and be your top option for reliable household cleaning in St Peters Missouri.

We take care of cleaning floor tile, grout, upholstery oriental rugs and carpets till they look great and smell fresh. Any odors, persistent stains, germs, grim, dust and bacteria will no more be a problem, we eliminate it all. If your rug or carpet is damaged we can certainly repair it or renovate it.

Our company uses a truck mounted technology to absorb all the tough dirt, then our hot water extraction procedure is used to clean your rugs and leave them clean and fresh.

Our priority is to obtain your trust and total loyalty once you experience our cleaning services, so we can help you do routine deep cleaning for your carpets.


Why Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Typical vacuuming done by your maid on your carpets remove surface dirt, but it does not get rid of tough stains, allergens, microorganisms, pet odors and deep dust.

There are home cleaning companies that don't have pro cleaning equipment avoid them. But you must also avoid cleaning your carpets with typical house cleaning solutions full of chemicals such as supermarket detergents and shampoos.

The fibers of your carpets and rugs must be treated carefully with high quality cleaning solutions and qualified employees that understand what they are doing to avoid making any more harm to the fibers of your rugs.

Carpets and oriental rugs collect dust, allergens and microorganisms that you dont see each day, even if you vacuum properly, with regular use your carpets end up being insalubrious for your children and your household pets.

Vacuuming is not carpet cleaning, if you really want to keep the beauty of your carpets for a long time you need to work with an expert cleaning company in St Peters Mo every 6 to 18 months. If you dont take care of your rugs and carpets they will get dull, lifeless and look stiff.

Having said that, with an expert cleaning service every twelve months, applying a steam cleaning technique your rugs and carpets they will certainly be in great shape, smell fresh and with no toxic bacteria and allergens.


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What cleaning Process we apply?

  • First you give us a telephone call with no obligation, we will begin asking you a few questions, we give you a free cost estimate depending on the number of rooms you nee cleaning and generate a scheduled visit asap.
  • We will initiate by making an inventory of the trouble high traffic areas in your carpet, find tough stains and let you know how we are going to proceed our cleaning treatment
  • We remove all the tough stains, all the dust, difficult spots from your carpets and treat all regions.
  • We apply an unique cleaning solution which are environment friendly that helps to break loose dust and soil from your carpet so it can possibly be effortlessly extracted.
  • Employing our special expert cleaning equipment we gently brush the fibers of your rugs and carpets till they are clean and soft.
  • Then to eliminate all the dust in your carpet we spread hot water and then suction it with our  truck mounted equipment.
  • A unique protective shield is applied to your carpet right after we are finished cleaning, so it can endure longer without cleaning and protect from spills.
  • When we finish all the cleaning task, we are going to examine closely all spots and be sure that we are not missing anything.
  • We want to have your review of our service, once we finish the work we want you to make us suggestions so we can improve our service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if i don't like the work, do you have a Warranty?
Our services are Warranted, you dont have anything to worry about, if you are not completely pleased with our service we wont leave until we address the concerns or we wont charge you.

Are your cleaning products Harmless and safe for my family?

Yes, we use only non dangerous cleaning solutions that are environment friendly without any contaminant chemicals, they are safe for your kids and pets. We treat very gently the fibers of your rugs with our cleaning products.

Can i Call for a Free Quote of the Work i want done?
We give you a free quote right after you contact us, you only have to answer a couple of questions about the service you want and we are ready to go.

Do you have Truck Mounted Equipment?

Definitely, we make use of a truck mounted extraction system to vacuum and extract water and dirt from your carpets and rugs. We make use of the truck tank to absorb all the water and dust from your rugs.

Do you have in house skilled employees?

Yes, our staff members are fully trained with the cleaning industry standards and can do an excellent work, you can ask them any question you have about the service. If you have any doubts or you dont like something you can call us and we will sort it out for you.

Do you Repair Rugs?

Yes, we can restore any damaged carpet, simply let us know, to take a look and give you a free quote. Depending on how large is the damage or how deteriorated it is we can help you out.



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