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Trained Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St Joseph Mo. We Remove even the most rigid spots, pet odors, alcohol spill stains, dust and grim.

St Joseph is a beautiful small town of 77,000 people in Missouri, if you live there you understand that it takes hard work to keep your house clean, shinning and free of dirt.  Carpets always presents a luxury and pleasant touch to your home.

However though buying a carpet or rug is easy they are typically very costly, even more so if you want a Beautiful one, so you have to treat it like a long term investment carpets take effort to maintain. Nevertheless there is a problem, if you want your carpet to last you must give it effective maintenance and comply with your manufacturers requirements.

If you dont follow  the basic cleaning guidelines and do it on a weekly routine basis, your carpets and rugs will become dull and lifeless as times moves forward. But im sure you already clean your house every day, now you will need to tell your maid how she should clean your carpet and how often following your manufacturers suggested guidelines.



housekeeperWhat is our CarpetUash Cleaning Service?

We are a furniture upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning business in St Joseph Mo, with the purpose to deliver the finest carpet cleaning solution and be your preference choice when you want help.

Furniture upholstery, oriental rugs, odor removal, carpets, tile, grout, we clean all of it until it glows and smells fresh. We remove tough pet spots, unwanted odors, challenging stains, deep dust and germs that can damage your children health. We can also fix or restore your carpets if they are damaged. If you fix those small wrecks you carpet will glow again.

We use a hot water extraction system (steam cleaning) with a truck mounted system to suck in and do away with all the tough dust and leave your rugs smelling new and clean. Steam cleaning is the top cleaning method recommended by manufacturers.
Our company goal is to do an amazing job, make your carpets shine and leave you pleased so you want to hire our expert services again.

Why pay for Pro House Carpet Cleaning?

Typical house vacuuming of your carpets and oriental rugs just removes superficial dirt, but it doesen't gets rid of, tough stains, allergens, germs, pet odors and even deep dirt.

There are numerous household cleaning products that house maids buy and use that can perpetually damage your carpet fibers, avoid them and please stay away from using second hand cleaning service providers that dont have professional equipment to work with.

The fibers of your carpets should be treated carefully and gently with reliable cleaning products and certified employees that know what they are doing, the wrong cleaning treatment may do more damage and accelerate your carpet deterioration.

As months go on with use your carpet keeps collecting more dirt, bacteria and allergens that cant be wipe out with a regular vacuum and ends up being dangerous for the health of your pets and kids.

You should tap the services of a qualified carpet cleaning service in St Joseph Missouri every 10 to 20 months. The consequence of not doing the right cleaning procedure will be a dull carpet, dusty and lifeless just like an old shirt.

However, with an expert deep cleaning solution a using steam cleaning method also named hot water extraction, you will remove all the dust, bacteria and make your area rugs radiate and smell clean again.

Hot water extraction is the most recommended cleaning method that carpet manufacturers recommend.


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What is your Cleaning Service Procedure?

  • Give us a call with no obligation, we will begin by giving you a free estimate cost depending on the rooms your have and create a scheduled appointment immediately.
  • The moment we get to your residence, we kick off by checking out all the areas that we are going to clean and make an inventory of the difficult spots and stains we are going to work on.
  • We pre-treat all areas with our special solution, remove difficult spots, stains, dust and grim from your rugs.
  • To remove dirt and soil with ease from your carpet, we use an unique cleaning solution that breaks apart dirt.
  • Then our trained technicians gently scrub your carpets fibers with our cleaning equipment to make them feel soft and clean.
  • After that to get rid of all the dust in your carpet we spread out hot water and then suction it with our special truck mounted system.
  • As soon as cleaning is done, we are going to use an exclusive defensive shield on your carpet so we can help your carpets last a lot longer clean and repeal dirt.
  • With special care we gently brush your carpet employing our special equipment.
  • We are not going to leave till you are fully satisfied with our services, we are going to check what we have completed and make sure that your carpet is looking gorgeous, with no residuous and there are no stains.

Regularly Asked Questions

Are your services Guaranteed?

We do warrant our services, we want you to be happy with the results, so we will leave solely when you are satisfied and everything is clean and there are not spots left.

Do you use ecological safe products?

Yes, we use non harmful green products that are ecological friendly and are safe for your kids and dogs. Our cleaning products are also perfect for handling gently the fibers of your carpet. Technically speaking there always have to be some chemicals on any cleaning solution, however we only use products that dont contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful for your kids or pets.

Can i obtain a Free Estimate?

We provide you a free quote as soon as you contact us, you simply have to answer a couple of questions about the service you want and we are ready to go.

Do you work with a Truck Mounted System ?

Yes we use an expert truck mounted system that helps to vacuum with our hot water extraction and remove all the challenging dust from your carpet. The truck tank is required to soak up all the dust and water from the carpet.

Are your workers certified for the cleaning task?

Yes, we instruct all our employees with industry standards, so they understand what they have to do in each situation and you can trust them. We are constantly training our employees on new procedures and care they need to have.

Do you Restore Carpets?

Yes, we can restore any deteriorated rug, simply let us know, to check it out and provide you a free quote. We can examine it and let you know what we can do.



I want to Try out your Cleaning Service

The following step is to get the telephone and give us call, so we can give you a price quote and make you a visit asap.

We do offer some special offers throughout the year, ask for our coupons, special discounts and any deals in the services that we provide.

Are you willing to make your carpets and oriental rugs shine glow and smell fresh again, then employ pro carpet cleaning in St Joseph Mo.

Superficial dust and grime can be removed merely just by vacuuming every single week. But at least every 12 to 24 months you must deep clean your carpet or rugs if you plan to preserve it for a long time. If you hire our services every 6 months your carpet will last for a long time to come and looking great.


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