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Trained Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in St Charles Missouri. We clean up carpets and rugs with soil, grim, pet odors, spots and hard to clean stains.

If you live in St Charles Mo you know that is a great place to live with about 65,000 people love to build they house carefully and give it a nice interior look by installing a beautiful carpet.

However carpets are not cheap, there are many beautiful carpets and rugs that you can buy very easily, but there it a catch, if you buy a carpet you need to give it the right maintenance regularly or it will loose its soft and glow. If you want your rug and carpet to last you need to follow your manufacturers recommended cleaning standards.

The reality is that not supplying effective maintenance to your rugs, not following industry cleaning standards and using second hand household cleaning products can harm your carpet fibers and make them stiff.



housekeeperSo What is our Household Carpet Cleaning Solution?

We are an oriental rug, floor , grout, tile, upholstery and carpet cleaning company in St Charles Mo ready to respond to your phone call and visit your house to provide you the most effective carpet cleaning service in St Charles Missouri using industry established guidelines.

We are professionals at cleaning rugs, grout, tile, furniture upholstery and any style of carpet. We remove the most tough spots, stains, pet odors, dog stains, allergens, dust, grim and bacteria. We can even repair you rugs or give it an overhaul if its deteriorated.

We use a hot water extraction system also called steam cleaning with a truck mounted cleaning technology to get rid of and soak up all the dirt and dust from your carpets.

Our Mission is to give you the best carpet cleaning service you have experienced, so you want to hire our services over and over again in the future.


Why pay for Pro Home Carpet Cleaning?

Consistent vacuuming of your carpets and oriental rugs can get rid of surface dirt, but it does not extract, stubborn stains, allergens, microorganisms, odors and even deep dust stuck in your carpet.

There are many home cleaning business that don't have expert equipment and cleaning materials, refrain from hiring them. But you have to also avoid cleaning your carpets with common household cleaning products full of chemicals such as detergents or other ones.

The fibers of your rugs must be cleaned gently with the most suitable cleaning products or shampoos, hire qualified professionals that know the best way to properly clean without causing any further damage.

You don't notice it, but with time and regular use your carpets absorb dirt that get stuck deep inside, germs and bacteria that are unsafe for your children and family pets and cant be removed just by vacuuming.

You need to tap the services of a professional carpet cleaning service in St Charles Missouri at least every six to twelve months if possible. If you dont do this, your carpet will start to look messy, dull, stiff and lifeless.

Having said that, with a professional cleaning service every 12 months, applying a steam cleaning technique your carpet and rugs will be in great shape, look soft and free of dangerous bacteria, allergens, microorganisms and germs.

There are housemaids that try to get rid of difficult stains by scrubbing hard using a household detergent or shampoo. That can damage your carpet fibers, make them stiff and you wont even be able to remove the stain, so be careful.


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What are the Steps for cleaning my Carpet?

  • Once you phone us, we ask you a few questions, based upon the number of areas that need to be cleaned we give you a free quote and make a next day appointment.
  • The moment we get to your house, we kick off by checking out all the spaces that we are going to clean like your living room, bedrooms and make an inventory of the difficult traffic areas and stains.
  • We begin our custom treatment method, get rid of persistent stains, spots, dirt, grim and treat all areas with our special cleaning solutions.
  • To extract dust and soil simply from your carpet, we apply a special cleaning solution that disintegrates dirt.
  • Then with our cleaning products we carefully scrub your carpet fibers and wash them.
  • Then to take out all the dust in your carpet we spread hot water and then suck it up with our unique truck mounted system.
  • Once we are done cleaning, our special protective shield will allow to keep dust and bacteria away from your carpet fibers.
  • We carefully brush your carpets and rugs with our cleaning equipment.
  • As soon as we are done, we are going to examine all the rooms with you and clean anything we may have missed or failed to see, until you are pleased.
  • We want you to give us a great review of our service, so we are going to do our best.

Essential Questions about our Company

Are your services Guaranteed?

Our services are Warranted, if you are not completely satisfied we wont leave until we address the problems or we wont charge you anything.

Do you use environmental safe products on my carpets?

Of course, we use cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals and are family friendly. Our cleaning solutions take care of your carpet and rug fibers very gently.

Im not sure if i will hire you, Can i have a Free Quote?

We give you a free estimate when you call us, just answer a few questions our reps will ask you and we will give you a quote at not cost.

Do you use a Truck Mounted Extraction Technology ?

Yes, we do use professional carpet cleaning technology, including a truck mounted system. A truck tank is utilized to extract all the dust from the rugs, carpet fibers and furniture upholstery.

Do you have in house trained technicians?

Yes, we only use trained technicians that understand what they are doing , have experience, can deal with any situation. We are not improvising, we have a track record of experience.

Can you Fix damaged Carpets?

We do restore wrecked rugs or carpets, just give us a telephone call or consult one of our staff members. We inspect your rug and let you know what we can do about it, a deteriorated carpet can be restored, a wreck carpet depends on how bad the damage is.



So i really want to Try out your Cleaning Services

OK, We are ready to do the work for you, just give us a telephone call and one of our representatives will take your info and make a scheduled appointment.

We do provide some exclusive promotions and discounts in our services, you can ask for any savings and vouchers available.

Are you ready to make your carpets, oriental rugs and upholstery look great, soft and smell fresh again, then ask for our qualified professional carpet cleaning in St Charles Missouri United States.
Remember that carpet manufacturers only make valid they warranty if you clean your carpet at least every 12 months with their cleaning standard recommendations.


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