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Qualified Rug, Upholstery and carpet cleaning in Lee's Summit Missouri. We clean up carpets and rugs with dust, grim, pet odors, spots and stubborn stains.

Living in Lee's Summit Mo is a great experience with 93,000 people it is a great place to build a beautiful house and install a nice looking carpet that will give a glamorous touch to your house.

Unfortunately carpets and rugs are often very costly, particularly if you want an Elegant rug, so you need to handle it like a lifelong investment that will serve for a lot of time, thinking that you wont need to buy another carpet down the road. Although there is a problem, to keep make your carpet last you must give it consistent and comply with your manufacturer standards.

But if you dont follow your manufacturers advice and pay for regular professional maintenance of your carpets, then it will suffer the consequences and it will become flat and insipid in no time.



housekeeperSo What is our CarpetUash Home Cleaning Solution?

We are a furniture upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning enterprise in Lee's Summit Missouri with the goal to bring a top-notch professional cleaning service and be your top choice for reliable household cleaning in Missouri.

Upholstery, oriental rugs, residential or commercial carpets, floor tile, grout, we clean it all until it glows and smells clean. We can easily get rid of the most complicated spots, stains, wine spills, dog odors, dog stains, allergens, dust, grim and bacteria. Also, we can get your damaged carpets and rugs fixed if you want.

We clean your carpets and rugs with our hot water extraction method and then absorb all the dirt, dust and residuous with our truck mounted system leaving your rugs shining.

Our responsibility is to get your trust and complete satisfaction, so we can assist you with regular routine deep cleaning of your carpets.

Why pay for Pro Home Carpet Cleaning?

Unfortunately classic vacuuming at home is not enough to remove dirt and allergens from your carpet and rugs, there is deep grime that it can not be eliminated without professional deep cleaning.

There are many house cleaning companies that don't have expert equipment and have cleaning products with harsh chemicals that can do more damage that help. Sure, they may clean your carpet, but your carpet fibers will become less soft and more dull and overtime you will note it.

The fibers of your carpets and rugs should be cleaned gently with the best cleaning solutions, employ qualified professionals that know effective ways to properly clean without making any collateral damage.

You may not detect it now, but with time and use your rugs and carpets retain dirt, germs and bacteria that are unhealthy for your children and family pets, those cant be absorbed by a typical home vacuum. Steam cleaning is necessary to remove all the complicated dirt.

Vacuuming isn't carpet cleaning, you have to work with a professional cleaning company in Lee's Summit Mo every 6 to 12 months. If you dont do this, your carpet will start to look messy, lifeless and dull.

Yet with a professional deep cleaning company using steam cleaning also named hot water extraction, you will eliminate all the dust, allergens and make your rugs and carpets radiate and smell fresh again. Sure it will cost you some extra dollars to hire a professional cleaning service, but your carpet and rugs will last and you wont need to replace them.


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What Cleaning Process CarpetUash use?

  • Your initial step is to call us, so we can give you a free estimate quote based on the number of rooms you need us to clean and then we schedule a date.
  • We inspect all your home areas where we are planning to clean and create an inventory of the hard to clean stains that need a very special treatment and let you know how we are going to proceed.
  • We pretreat all areas, we get rid of difficult spots, allergens, stains, dirt and grim from your rugs and carpets.
  • We have an exclusive cleaning solution that we use so it breaks loose grime and soil from your carpet fibers and extract all residuous quickly.
  • Utilizing our special cleaning equipment we brush the fibers of your rugs gently till they are soft and clean.
  • We apply hot water to your carpet and rugs and suction all of it  extracting all the dirt and water left behind.
  • Then an exclusive defensive shield is applied on your carpet right after we are done cleaning so it can endure longer clean and repel dirt.
  • With our unique cleaning system we brush your carpet gently until though spots and stains are gone.
  • Once we finish the work, we are going to evaluate all areas side by side with you and take care of anything at all that we might have missed until you are completely pleased with our work.

Questions and Answers

What if i dont like your service, do you have a Guarantee?

Dont Worry our services are Warranted, if you are not entirely satisfied we wont leave till we fix the problems or we wont charge you anything. We accept suggestions, if for any reason there is something you dont like about our service you can tell us and we will look into it.

Do you use safe chemical free cleaning solutions?

Yes, we use non toxic products that are ecology friendly and are safe for your kids, dogs and your whole family. Our cleaning products are also gently to the fibers of your carpet.

Can i Call for a Free Quote?
Yes you can,  Just call us and receive a free quote, our staff member will ask you a handful of questions and then give you a quote so you can decide if you want our service. We do have very affordable prices but a top notch service.

Do you have Truck Mounted Equipment?

Definitely, we do use a truck mounted system to vacuum and extract dirt and water from your dirty carpets. The truck tank is necessary to soak up all the dust and water from the carpet.

Are your employees professionally trained?

Everyone of our technicians are experts and have passed all the needed training. They can clean carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile, grout, mattresses using proven methods and solutions.

If i have a Wrecked carpet, can you repair it?

Yes, we can repair any deteriorated rug, just let us know so we can examine it, tell you what we can really do about it and give you a quote.



How can i Reserve your Service?

The Next Step is to contact us and let us do the Work for you, we are prepared to work for you at any time.

We do provide some special deals, rebates and vouchers during some periods through the year, ask about them.
Are you are prepared to give an upgrade to your carpets?  Hire expert carpet cleaning in Lee's Summit Missouri.

You can remove superficial dirt by vacuuming each and every week, yet if you intend to keep your carpet beauty and softness you should deep clean it at the minimum every 6 to 12 months it wont cost you much and it will be worth it, give us a try.


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