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Qualified Rug, Upholstery and carpet cleaning in Joplin Mo. We can Eliminate animal odors, spots, spills, dust, grim and even the most difficult stains.

In Joplin Missouri a community of about 50,000 people there are some very nice homes, people use different materials and designs to give their house a nice touch. A carpet is always a great way to give glamour and elegance to your home and make it feel comfortable.

Even tough carpets are easy to get they are costly, specially if you want a Gorgeous one, but they have to be maintained correctly or else they wont last for long.  If you wish your rugs, upholstery and carpets to to look great and soft for several years, you must follow your manufacturers guidelines and clean it frequently with expert cleaning specifications.

I you dont follow the basic cleaning guidelines vacuum on a regular basis and deep clean with steam cleaning every few months your carpets will end up looking dull and deteriorate as times moves forward.



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We are an area rug, tile, upholstery and carpet cleaning service in Joplin Mo ready to answer your telephone call and go to your property to provide you the finest cleaning service in Joplin using industry standard cleaning guideliness.

We take care of cleaning floor tile, grout, hotel carpets, deteriorated rugs, furniture upholstery area rugs and carpets till they radiate. We remove challenging pet spots, unwanted odors, difficult stains, hidden dust, wine spills stains and germs that can harm the health of your family members. We can in fact, repair or restore your carpets if they are damaged.

Our company uses a truck mounted cleaning system to suck in all the hard dirt,  our hot water extraction system is  used to clean your rugs and leave it smelling fresh, feel soft and be clean.

Our company goal is to do a superb work, make your carpets shine and leave you pleased so you want to choose  our services again in the future, we are here for the long term.


Why pay for Pro House Carpet Cleaning?

I doesent matter how much you vacuum, there is deep grime that it cant be removed without expert deep cleaning, as well as bacteria, allergens and unwanted odors.

You need to Stay away from using harmful home detergents that can damage the fibers of your carpets, don't ever use low quality carpet cleaning business that don't have qualified equipment and cleaning products.

The fibers of your area rugs and carpets have to be cleaned gently with the right cleaning products, employ skilled professionals that know effective ways to properly clean without causing harm.

You don't notice but with time and regular use your carpets retain dirt, germs and bacteria that are harmful for your kids and family pets and cant be wiped out just by vacuuming.

So it is necessary that you employ a qualified carpet cleaning business in a minimum of every 12 to 24 months. If you don't do the right care your carpets and oriental rugs will become dull and lifeless.

Even so with a professional cleaning service every 24 months, applying a steam cleaning technique your carpets will certainly be in great shape and without toxic bacteria and germs.


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What cleaning Method do you apply?

  • The moment you contact us, based upon the number of areas that need treatment, we give you a free estimate quote and make an appointment as soon as possible.
  • As soon as we get to your home we begin by inspecting all the areas that we intend to clean and generate an inventory of the problem areas and stains. We tell you what cleaning process we are going to use and if any further treatment will be needed.
  • We eliminate all the dust, stubborn spots and hard stains from your carpets, rugs and pre-treat every area that we are going to work on.
  • We add an unique cleaning solution that will help to break loose dirt and soil from your carpet so residuous can be easily removed.
  • Utilizing our special cleaning equipment we brush the fibers of your carpets and rugs gently till they are very soft and clean.
  • Next we spread hot water into your rug and suck it up with our truck mounted system to get rid of all dust, dirt, water and residuous.
  • We safeguard your carpet fibers with our unique preventive shield to make it last a lot longer clean and soft and repel bacteria.
    With our unique cleaning equipment we brush your carpet gently.
  • After we are done, we are going to examine all the areas with you and if we missed something or anything requires further treatment we are going to do it.
  • We are also going to give you our recommendations to keep your carpet looking great and avoid dirt and allergens as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if i don't like the job, do i have a Warranty?

We do guarantee our services, we want you to be pleased with the end results, so we wont leave until you are happy with our service. We accept recommendations and we are happy to improve our service.

Do you use chemical free cleaning solutions?

We use only non toxic cleaning solutions without contaminant chemicals that are safe for your kids and pets. We just use cleaning solutions that treat your carpet fibers carefully.

Can i get an estimate of the Cost?

We provide you a free quote when you call us, you only have to answer a couple of questions regarding the service you need and we are good to go.

Do you use a Truck Mounted Water Extraction Machine ?
Yes we make use of an expert truck mounted technology that helps to vacuum and extract all the tough dirt from your carpet. The truck mounted tank is required to soak up all the dust and water from the rugs.

Do you have in house trained employees?

Yes, all of our technicians are experts and have passed all the required training to clean carpet, rugs, furniture upholstery, tile and grout.

Do you Restore Rug or carpets?

We do fix deteriorated rugs or carpets, just give us a call or consult one of our workers.



What Should i Do?

We are prepared to do the service, just give us a telephone call and one of our reps will take your details and make an appointment.

We do make some special offers during the year, inquire about our promo codes, special discounts and any deals in the services that we deliver.

If you want your carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery to last for years, contact the expert carpet cleaners in

Vacuuming your carpet every single week can really help you eliminate surface dirt. Still, if you intend to keep your carpet appearance and shine, you should deep clean it at minimum every 6 to 12 months.


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