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Pro Rug, Upholstery and carpet cleaning in Independence Missouri. We can Eradicate Pet odors, spots, spills, dirt, grim and even the most tough stains.

It takes hard work to keep your residence shining and clean specially if you have family and live in Independence a beautiful town in Missouri. But the fact is that we love to have a luxury carpet in our homes, because it makes your house feel comfortable and have more glamour.

That being said, carpets and oriental rugs are usually a luxury and are expensive, so if you want a beautiful fresh carpet that will last for a prolonged period of time, you must treat it like a lifelong investment.

However to make your carpet endure for several years, you will have to provide appropriate care on a regular basis and comply with the cleaning procedures that your manufacturer recommends or your carpet will get damage or dull.

If you fail to clean your rugs and provide regular maintenance, then it will suffer the unfortunate consequences and end up becoming a dull and lifeless item on your house.



housekeeperSo What is our Home Cleaning Professional CarpetUash Service?

We are a furniture upholstery, rug and carpet commercial or residential cleaning service provider in independence missouri, with the goal to provide the top carpet cleaning professional service in your city and be your to preference choice anytime you need  house cleaning.

We can clean rugs, mattress, tile, grout, upholstery and carpets. We get rid of the most tough spots, animal odors, pet stains, allergens, dust, grim and microorganisms. We can actually fix or restore your carpets if they are harmed. If you hire our services for carpet cleaning we can examine the damaged areas and tell you what we can do about it no strings attached.

We use a hot water extraction system with a truck mounted cleaning technology to soak up and eliminate all the hard dust and leave your carpet and rug fibers smelling fresh and clean.

Our responsibility is to obtain your trust and satisfaction, so we can help you do regular deep cleaning to your rugs every few months.

Why Work with Expert Carpet Cleaning

I does not matter how much you vacuum you cant remove deep dust if you dont hire professional deep cleaning.  Germs, allergens and pet odors get stuck and wont leave your house if you just vacuum.

You have to refrain from hiring second hand cleaning service providers that don't follow industry quality standards and you must also stay away from using typical household cleaning products that contain tough chemicals and toxic substances.

The fibers of your rugs have to be cleaned gently with the right cleaning solutions, work with trained technicians that know how to properly clean without causing any further damage.

You may not notice but with time and regular daily use your carpets and rugs absorb dirt, germs and bacteria that are unhealthy for your kids,pets and cant be taken out just by vacuuming the surface.

You have to go deeper, you have to work with a qualified cleaning service in idenpendence Mo every 6 to 12 months. If you don't do it, your carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery will become lifeless, dusty and dull, no to mention unhealthy.

Nevertheless with a professional cleaning service every twelve months, applying a steam cleaning system your rugs will definitely be in great shape and free of harmful allergens, bacteria and microorganisms.


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What Cleaning Procedure CarpetUash utilize?

  • Give us a telephone call no strings attached, we will start off by giving you a free quote according to the rooms you have in your house and make a visit asap.
  • We inspect all your home areas where we are planning to clean and generate an inventory of the stubborn spots and stains that need special care.
  • We begin our customized treatment plan, get rid of stubborn stains, spots, dirt, grim, remove odors and treat all areas.
  • To clear away dirt and soil easily from your carpet, we apply a special cleaning solution that breaks apart though dirt.
  • Then with our exclusive cleaning products our specialists gently rub your carpet fibers and wash them.
  • After that we spread hot water into your rug and absorb it with our pro truck mounted system to get rid of all dust and water left.
  • A unique protective shield is applied to your carpet right after we are done cleaning so it can last longer clean, free of allergens and odors.
  • With our special cleaning equipment we brush your carpet gently.
  • You can rest assure that we aren't going to leave until you are completely fulfilled with our job, we are going to evaluate what we have accomplished and be sure that your carpet is looking stunning and there are not residuous left.

Essential Questions about our Company

What happens if i do not like the work, do you have a Guarantee?

Our services are totally Guaranteed, if you are not completely delighted we wont leave until we address the issues or we wont charge you. We are here to serve you and receive your suggestions so we can improve our service.

Do you use non toxic cleaning solutions?

Sure, we use green cleaning solutions that are free of harmful chemicals, non toxic and are family friendly. Our cleaning solutions are  gently to the fibers of your carpet.

Can i Request for a Free Quote of the Service i want done?

We give you a free estimate as soon as you contact us, you just have to answer a few questions regarding the service you want done and we are good to go. If you want to call one of our representatives to receive further information you can do it with no pressure.

Do you have Truck Mounted Equipment?

Yes we use an expert truck mounted system that helps to vacuum and remove all the challenging dust and stains from your carpet. We make use of the truck tank to remove all the water and dust from the rugs.

Are your Technicians professionally trained?

Yes, our workers are instructed with cleaning industry benchmarks and can do a very nice job, you can consult with them any question or doubt you have about our services.

Can you Restore wrecked Carpets?

Yes, we can restore or repair any damaged carpet, just let us know, we will examine it and give you a quote. Some carpet just need a good cleaning overhaul other require especial treatment in some damaged areas.



How can i Get your Carpet Cleaning Service?

Start by giving us a phone call right now, we are ready to do the work at any time at a budget you can afford.

Some times during the year we do give some special promotions in our services, you can ask for discounts and vouchers available.

Are you ready to make your carpets and area rugs radiate and smell fresh again, then hire deep professional carpet cleaning in independence Mo.

Superficial dust and grime can be removed just by vacuuming every week. And yet to revitalize and preserve the life of your carpets, you need to clean deep every 6 to 12 months.


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