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Trained Rug, Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning Professionals in Florissant Missouri. Get rid of grim, dirt, wine spills, undesirable odors, challenging stains, germs and allergens.

Do you live in Florissant Mo? This beautiful place is the second ring suburb of St. Louis, with a population of more than 52,000 people, this is a place where many people have beautiful homes with luxury carpets and others have rugs to make feel their home comfortable.

The problem when buying a carpet is that they are expensive, but they look great at our homes. But here is the thing, carpets require proper routine maintenance or else they get dull and damaged quicker than you expect, so its important that you follow your manufacturers guidelines.

So if you dont follow those industry standard guidelines your carpet will not last for many years. But of course you dont want a dull carpet with stiff fibers, you want a soft great looking carpet.



housekeeperWhat is our Cleaning Company and what we can do for you

We are a rug, upholstery and carpet cleaning company in Florissant Mo committed to bring you the best full service around, getting your trust and be your very first pick for professional cleaning in Florissant Missouri.

We Treat and clean floor tile, grout, upholstery rugs and carpets until they glow again. We eradicate the most complicated spots, stains, dog odors, pet stains, allergens, dust, grim and microorganisms. We can also restore your carpets if they have been damaged in some areas.

We clean your carpets and rugs with our hot water extraction system (recommended by most carpet manufacturers) and then soak up all the dirt and grim with our truck mounted technology leaving your rugs shining with a beautiful and soft look.

Our service purpose is to do an excellent job, make your carpets look soft, smell fresh and leave you satisfied so you want to hire us again.


Should you employ Expert Carpet Cleaning?

Vacuuming your rugs and carpets every week is necessary to get rid of all the soil and superficial dirt, but it does not clear away bacteria, spots, odors and persistent dirt.

Avoid hiring any company that has low quality standards and use toxic or bad cleaning household products or detergents that you can find on the supermarket. Professional cleaning companies will use only cleaning solutions and shampoos that are safe and non toxic.

The fibers of your rugs and carpets must be treated carefully and gently with reliable cleaning solutions and certified employees that understand what they are doing so you can avoid any further damage to your rugs.

With time and use your carpet keeps gathering more dirt, bacteria and allergens that cant be removed with a vacuum and ends up being unsafe for the health of your pets, kids and family.

Vacuuming isn't carpet cleaning, you have to hire an expert cleaning service in Florissent Mo every 12 to 24 months, if you can do it every 6 months better. The people who forget about this and just vacuum their carpets end up having to throw away their carpets and buy a new one, because no one wants a dusty, lifeless, dull and stiff carpet.

Nevertheless with deep carpet cleaning every few months you will preserve the quality of your carpet for many years ahead, it will look stunning, look soft and smell fresh without bacteria.


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What are the Cleaning Solution Phases?

  • Once you phone us, based on the quantity of rooms that require cleaning our employee give you a free estimate quote and make an appointment for the next day.
  • We inspect the areas of your home that need treatment and create an inventory of the hard to clean stains that need exclusive attention, such as wine spills, pet stains, food stains, etc.
  • We initiate our customized treatment plan, get rid of hard to clean stains, spots, dust, allergens, grim and treat all areas.
  • We have an unique cleaning solution that we add to the fibers of your carpet so it breaks away grime and soil and can be extracted easily.
  • Using our special cleaning equipment and shampoos we rub the fibers of your carpets gently until they are smooth, soft and clean.
  • Then we are ready to spread hot water into your carpet and suck it up with our truck mounted extraction system to get rid of all dust and water left.
  • Right after we are done cleaning our unique defensive shield will allow to keep dirt and allergens out of your carpet fibers for longer time. Its a protective shield we apply.
  • With special care we gently brush your carpet making use of our exclusive equipment.
  • When we finish all the cleaning tasks, together we are going to examine all spots and areas we treated and make sure that you are completely satisfied with the results.

Questions and Answers people frequently Ask

Are your professional services Warranted?

Our services are completely Warranted, if you are not fully delighted with our services we wont leave till we correct the problems or we wont charge you.

Do you Offer Free Quote Estimates?

Yes, you can call us during work hrs, we  ask you a handful of questions and give you a free quote.

Are your cleaning products Safe for my family?

Yes, we use only non toxic, non dangerous cleaning solutions without any contaminant chemicals that are safe for your children and pets. We only use cleaning solutions and shampoos that take care of your carpet fibers gently.

Do you use a Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Extraction Machine?

We do, any expert carpet cleaning service should really have a truck mounted equipment. We use the truck tank to pull out all the water and dust left from the carpet.
Are your staff members pros in cleaning carpets, rugs and furniture upholstery?

Yes, we just use skilled technicians that understand what they are doing and are fully trained, they can deal with any situation and will act like professionals. If you have any concerns you can let us know.
If i have a damaged rug, can you restore it?

We can help you repair any carpet that has been damaged by time, pets, insects or spots. We inspect the damage and let you know what we can do about it.



So i want to Try out your Cleaning Service, what should i do?

We are ready to service you, just give us a call and one of our reps will take your information, ask a few questions and make a scheduled appointment.

Sometimes through the year we do give some unique promotions in our services, you can ask for any discounts, coupons and vouchers available.

If you want your carpets, rugs and upholstery to endure for years, call the professional carpet cleaners in Florissant Missouri.

Normal vacuuming each week is necessary and you can get rid of surface dust by doing just that.. However at least every 12 to 24 months you should deep clean your carpet if you want to preserve it for a long time. Otherwise you wont have a great looking carpet for many years and you will have to buy a new one.


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