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There are many people in Saint Paul the second most populous city in the state of Minnesota that have carpets installed in their house, office, hotels and even restaurants which gives their place a luxury, comfortable and soft touch. Carpets have become essential in many places, but it does comes with a responsability.

Buying a carpet is a big investment and commitment that you take once and you expect it to last for many years in to the future looking beautiful, soft and clean. However to achieve that goal you have to follow some very estrict guidelines from your manufacturer.

Carpet manufacturers recommend you some cleaning guidelines, such as cleaning with hot water extraction every 12 months and vacuuming regularly. In fact carpet and rug manufacturers only make valid your warranty as long as you follow their recommendations.

Carpets and rugs require very special treatment, if you dont take care of them properly and provide professional deep cleaning every few months, then your carpet can become dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly.



housekeeperSo What is our CarpetUash Cleaning Service?

We are an expert carpet cleaning company in St Paul Minnesota, we want to give you a very professional and high quality service that you can count on for a long time to keep your carpets and rugs beautiful.

We can take care of your carpets and provide the professional service that carpet manufacturers recommend, we dont just clean, we make sure that your carpet fibers are treated gently.

We have professional technicians that can do pre inspection, pre grooming, stain cleaning, remove difficult dust, odors and protect your carpet from further damage down the road.


Why do you need professional carpet cleaning in St. Paul MN?

The truth is that you can clean your rugs yourself vacuum every day, buy some detergent and wash it once a month or so. But there is a big problem, it is not just about cleaning your carpet, is about making it last beautiful, soft and fresh for many years.

What good does it do to save some dollars in professional cleaning if you are going to have a stiff, lifeless and dull carpet, you better throw it away.

We know how to do the job and we can remove the most difficult spots from wine, food, gum, candy, we can also get rid of pet odors, dirt, dust, allergens, bacteria and make your rug look like new again.


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stain removal

These are some of the steps we follow

We always follow a very diligent procedure to make sure that everything works great every time and that the results are always amazing.

First give us a call, at that moment we get some details from you and we give you a free quote so you can decide if we want to hire our service.

Our pre inspection phase consist of checking all the areas where we are going to work and make a very strict inventory of the trouble areas and stains that we need to remove.

At this stage we remove all the furniture from the carpet so we can start vacuuming and removing superficial dirt.

After pre-grooming we then apply our steam cleaning procedure also called hot water extraction. We have our truck mounted system technology that help us to extract all the difficult dirt, dust and residuous.

We have our protective shield that we apply after the cleaning phase. This protector will repel bacteria and prevent dirt from getting into your rug fibers.

Once we are finish, in our post inspection phase we review with you all the areas we just cleaned. We want you to review every detail and let us know how you liked our service.

These are some Important Questions and Answers

Do you  offer Guarantee
We are professional and of course we have a guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results, if your carpet doesent look the way  you expected we are going to respond.

I want to get a free quote estimate before i decide
Sure, we can provide you with a free quote, just call our company and one of our staff will get your info.

What cleaning treatment do you use
There are 2 main treatments dry cleaning or steam cleaning. We usually recommend steam cleaning because it can clean more thoroughly.

Is your staff trusth worthy  and fully trained
Yes, our staff is fully trained in all the latest cleaning treatments and how to apply them. We choose our staff very carefully and we know they are professionals.

Are your cleaning products free of toxic  chemicals?
Yes all our cleaning products are safe to use on your house and are free of toxic substances that could damage your carpet fibers or your pets.

do you do any kind of carpet repair?
We do not specialize in that area, however if we are going to clean your carpet, we can take a look at the problem and tell you what we can do or who you can hire.

How often should i hire deep cleaning?
Rug companies recommend that you steam clean your carpets at least every 12 to 24 months.



Some final words before you Go

It is very important that you hire expert cleaning to keep your rugs beautiful, soft, elegant and prevent long term damage that cause bacteria and allergens.

To make your carpet warranty valid you need to follow their advice and clean it regularly and also hire experts for deep cleaning.

We offer deals and special offers some times during the year on some of our services, you can ask for them.

We are completely committed to bring you the best carpet cleaning service in St Paul Minnesota. We want you to be happy and gain your trust.


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