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We Provide Expert Area Rug and Carpet Cleaning in St Cloud Mn - We remove dust, dirt, odors and allergens.

There are many houses, offices and businesses that use carpets and rugs in St Cloud Minnesota. There is a growing demand for carpets in the state but specially in cold cities.

Carpets have many advantages, they make a place look comfortable, prevent accidents from slipping, filter air quality  and dont need washing every day.

However carpets are expensive and do require special maintenance to preserve its beauty and softness. If you dont clean your carpet and rugs regularly, you will end up with a stiff, ugly, lifeless rug.

When you buy a carpet you need to ask the carpet company manufacturer what are the cleaning requirements and how long is the warranty valid. Remember that if you dont follow their cleaning advice, your warranty wont be valid.



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We are a professional carpet cleaning company in St Cloud Minnesota and we are dedicated to provide a high quality service that will make your area rugs and carpets last for many years. We Provide:

  • A quality service
    We Guarantee our services
    We have experience
    We have professional equipment
    We treat your carpets gently
    We Use Safe cleaning products

We pride ourselves of providing a quality service that cares about your carpet fibers, we dont just clean, we make sure that your carpet lasts beautiful and soft, using only high quality cleaning products.



Can home cleaning replace professional cleaners

Many house owners opt for cleaning their own carpet, they buy a vacuum cleaner and let their maid do the job. Vacuuming every day is great and you should do it, however your carpet needs a deep cleaning every few months to remove all the deep dirt, allergens and bacteria.

Steam cleaning or dry cleaning are great, but you should let the professional do it. If you steam clean or wash your carpet with the wrong cleaning products you may end up causing more damage.

There are many cleaning products in the supermarket that contain harsh chemicals such as detergents and shampoos. You should invest in a proper treatment, is not just about removing dirt and stains, its about prolonging the life of your carpet looking soft and smooth.



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Our Cleaning Procedure

We want to provide a quality service and to do it we follow a very through process that works every time. However we do customize our treatment depending on your needs and your carpet conditions.

  • When we receive your call, we ask you a few questions on the service you need and give you a free quote. Then we schedule a next day appointment if you want our service.
  • When we get to your house, we make an inventory of all the stains, spots and high traffic areas that will need special attention.
  • We remove all the chairs and furniture that is on the carpet. At this point we start vacuuming and removing all the superficial dirt.
  • We then apply our steam cleaning or hot water extraction process. This treatments helps to breakdown all the deep dirt and then we extract it with our truck mounted system.
  • We then treat stains and difficult spots with our special solutions.
  • Once we are done, we can apply our special product that protects your carpet from further damage and allergens from the environment.
  • Once we finish all our cleaning steps, we review all the work with you, so you can verify that everything is fine and that you are satisfied with the results.

Questions you may have

Do i get a Guarantee?
We always give a guarantee, we are completely confident that we can deliver results.

Can i get a quote before i commit?
Yes, just give us a call and one of our staff will give you a free quote estimate based on the service and areas we need to treat.

Do you use eco friendly cleaning solutions?
Yes, we only use products that are safe for the environment and for your family. We dont use any toxic or harsh chemicals.

How long does it take for my carpet to dry?
It really depends on the treatment we apply. If we do dry cleaning is quickly in just a few hours, but if we do steam cleaning it can take a full day.

Can you restore our carpet?
We can make dull carpets look great and improve significantly, but if your carpet is damaged or broken we dont repair.

How often should i clean it?
You should at least steam clean every 12 to 24 months, but vacuum every day and dont let stains sit, clean them immediately or let us know.



Some final advice

As you can see, taking care of a carpet, area rug or oriental rug is a serious business. Buying and installing a carpet is a big investment and you should invest a little on properly maintain it.

We dont usually offer discounts but you may want to ask for any special offer or deals that we may or may not offer sometimes during the year.

Remember that if you want to make your carpet manufacturer warranty valid you need to follow a very strict cleaning schedule.

But you can hire our carpet cleaning services in St Cloud Minnesota and not worry about it.


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