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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis MN, We are professionals at removing stains, dust, allergens, odors and bacteria.

Minneapolis is a major city in Minnesota, known by its parks and lakes and home of many cultural landmarks such as the Walker Art Center, you can find many awesome places,homes and offices that use carpets and rugs to make the place look comfortable, less noisy and improve the air quality.

Many people buy carpets, but they are not cheap, carpets are a big investment and you should choose carefully what you need. There are different types of carpet materials such as cotton, polyester, wool, etc. some look better, some are easier to clean and others are just right for the kids and pets to play.

The problem that most people dont realize is that carpets require very especial treatment, they should not be treated as your flooring, which you can clean with any cleaning product. Carpets have a lifespan of many years as long as you take care of them, there are very specific guidelines that your manufacturer should tell you on how to keep it looking great.

If you dont follow those guidelines and you dont clean regularly you carpet it will become dull and lifeless very quickly. When you see an ugly, stiff and lifeless rug it means that nobody cares about it and it was cleaned with the worst cleaning products in the market with harsh toxic substances.



housekeeperFortunately we can offer you our Professional Cleaning Service

We at carpetuash want to offer you the best carpet cleaning service in Minneapolist, Minnesota, we want you to be completely happy with our service, because we want you as a life customer. Our trained technicians use the best cleaning products that are safe for the environment and for you.

We use only cleaning agents that do not contain harsh chemicals or toxic substances that could harm your family members and pets. We only use cleaning solutions and treatments that treat gently your carpet fibers and make them last soft and beautiful for many years.

There is a big difference between providing a cleaning service versus providing a quality cleaning service that takes care of your carpet properly with the vision of making it last soft and beautiful for many years to come.

We use dry or steam cleaning, usually manufacturers recommend hot water extraction (steam cleaning), because is the best option to clean deep and remove the most difficult bacteria.


But Why Hire Professional Cleaning instead of doing it yourself

This is a very important question, many house owners opt for cleaning their carpets, rugs and upholstery themselves or their maids. Sure is good to vacuum your carpets very week or even every day, but washing it with the wrong cleaning agents can cause more damage than good.

So is recommended that at least every 12 to 24 months you hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company in Minneapolis MN. Sure there is a cost that you will have to pay, but you will have a carpet that will last many years looking great, feeling soft and smelling fresh.

In fact if you want to make your carpet manufacturer warranty valid, you have to follow their strict cleaning guidelines. You have to avoid going to cheap route, cleaning services that just use any type of solutions with toxic chemicals can make your carpet stiff.

There are other things you can do to take care of your rugs such as no walking with the shoes dirty or avoiding children from playing with candy or food.


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stain removal

Here are the Cleaning Steps

When we clean a new carpet we follow some very specific steps to make sure that everything works great every time and the results are amazing.

  • Everything starts when you give us call, at that moment one of our staff answers the call, asks you a few questions and give you a quote.
  • Once we get to your home we start the pre inspection phase. Here we detect and make inventory of all the trouble traffic areas where there are stains.
  • When then remove all the furniture and any stuff that can get broken. At this point we start the cleaning process using our powerful cleaning agents.
  • We use a steam cleaning procedure with our truck mounted system to extract all the left over residuos break from your carpet.
  • We apply a very special solutions called our protective shield that helps to prevent your carpet from absorbing dirt and protects it from environment damage and bacteria.
  • Once we are completely done, we then start the post inspection phase. Here we review with you all the areas we cleaned, we want you to check and be completely satisfied with the results.

Here are  some frequently asked questions about our service

Do you Guarantee your service?
We always guarantee our service, we want you to see the results and be fully satisfied or else you dont pay. We are very confident on our quality service.

Can ask for a free quote before i commit
Yes sure, you can call one of our staff representatives and he will gladly give you a quote based on the service you need.

What cleaning method do you use
We use the most recommended cleaning method by carpet manufacturers: steam cleaning. We are experts at it and we have the proper experience.

Do you have trained professional staff?
Yes, we train our employees regularly on how clean and apply treatment properly and on customer service.

Are your cleaning solutions environment friendly?
Yes, you can be confident that we only use cleaning agents that do not contain any harsh chemicals that could harm your kids health or your carpet fibers.

Do you offer other services such as carpet repair?
We do not specialize on it, but we can check out the problem and let you know  if there is anything that we can do about it to help you out or else we can recommend you someone.

What is the regular time frame for cleaning my carpet
It is highly recommended even for carpet companies  that you professionally deep clean your carpet with steam cleaning at least every 12 to 24 months.



So your are ready to hire our services

Im sure that by now you are convinced that cleaning your carpet on a regular basis is a must and it is worth it if you want it to last for many years.

Your carpet manufacturers in Minneapolis will only make valid your warranty if you follow their strict cleaning recommendations.

We sometimes offer deals or special offers, ask one of our representatives.

Our mission is to provide you the best possible cleaning service in Minneapolis, Minnesota, so  you want to hire us on a regular basis anytime you need a new cleaning service.


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