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We Provide Expert Carpet Cleaning in Maple Grove MN we are professional service in removing deep dust, dirt, pet odors and difficult stains.

If you are living in Maple Grove Minnesota, you know that is a great place to live. A lot of people use carpets and rugs such as offices, buildings, houses, restaurants and hotels, because carpets give a great luxury and comfortable touch that everyone likes.

However carpets are not cheap, they are a big investment especially if you are going to install it on a big area. You have to choose the right style and material such as cotton, acrylic, wool, polyprolylene, etc.

But once you install your carpet, you are not done, you cant forget about it and let your maid clean it. If you buy a carpet you have to ask your manufacturer what are their recommended cleaning procedures and what cleaning products should you use.

A carpet or rug is a responsability, if you want to preserve its life for many years with its beauty softness and smelling fresh you have to give it regular maintenance and professional cleaning.



Here is what we can do for you

Our carpet cleaning company in Maple Grove Minnesota can help you out to keep and preserve the life of your carpet. We are proffessionals at what we do, we have the equipment, the trained staff and the experience.

We can remove difficult stains from wine, food, gum, candy and anything else without damaging your rug fibers. We can also get rid of deep dust and bacteria that gets stuck in to your carpet fibers and cant be removed with common vacuums.

We want to give you a great cleaning service that will not just remove dirt and make your carpet clean, but that will make sure that your carpet stays soft, beautiful and smelling fresh for many more years.


Professional Rug Cleaning is Necessary

Professional carpet cleaning is necessary because you wont like a dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly carpet. It is a mistake to think that just using a detergent from the supermarket will be good for your rug.

The truth is that common detergents and cleaning products from the supermarket will actually damage your carpet more, because they contain harsh chemicals and toxic substances.

Cleaning a rug is not just about scrubbing and washing, is about using the right cleaning agents that will treat your fibers gently and remove bacteria, allergens and microorganisms.


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Here are our cleaning steps

Once we receive a call, one of our employees respond and take the necessary data from you, so he can provide you with a free estimate and arrange an appointment with you.

  • Then we begin our pre-inspection phase, which is very important because we take inventory and identify every single stain that requires our attention and high traffic areas.
  • Removing sofas, chairs, tables and other stuff is our next step. Once this is done, we can begin pr-cleaning by vacuuming all areas and removing superficial dirt.
  • We apply the most effective cleaning method which is hot water extraction also called steam cleaning. We have also a truck mounted system that help us to extract all the dirt that breaks apart.
  • We also have a very special spray that when applied it helps to protect your rug fibers from the effects of the environment such as dirt and bacteria.
  • Finally we have a post-inspection phase where we review with you all the rooms that we just cleaned and we want you to be completely satisfied or else we dont leave.

Questions asked frequently

What is your Guarantee?
We are so confident in the services we provide that if you dont like our service we wont leave until your are satisfied or you can ask for your money.

I want to compare prices, can you give me a free quote?
Yes, you can call us and one of our personal will ask you some simple questions about the service you need and give you a free quote, without any compromise.

What is the cleaning treatment that you use?
We use a hot water extraction system that has been proven to work great time and time again. We can also do dry cleaning but the other option is better and more recommended by rug manufacturers.

Is your personal trained?
Yes, we dont send any people to your house, we only send qualified staff that is fully trained and is very professional. If you have any doubts or complaints you can let us know.

Are your cleaning solutions safe for our kids?
Yes, you can be sure that we only use, safe cleaning products that do not contains any type of harsh chemical or toxic substances that could be damaging to the health of your family or pets.



This is your Next Step

Now you know that we are a professional company and that you need to provide consistent cleaning to your rugs if you want them to last and avoid them from getting dirt, stiff, ugly and dull.

We can give your carpet and overhaul. We can even offer you some deals or special offers at some times during the year.

Our company is fully committed to provide a great carpet cleaning service in Maple Grove Minnesota. Gaining your trust is our Mission and we do it with a quality service.


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