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Our Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning in Eagan MN, will remove the most difficult stains, dirt and odorts using environment safe cleaning solutions.

There are many restaurants, offices, houses and busineses that use carpets in the area of Eagan Minnesota. Rugs and carpets have become very common because they give a comfortable and luxury touch.

In fact carpets reduce noise, makes a place safer and filter air quality. When you buy a carpet you need to know what type of material and design you want, but you should also know what cleaning treatment it needs.

You should ask your carpet company manufacturer what are the recommended cleaning guidelines to keep it smooth, soft, fresh and glowing.

Sure, you need to avoid walking with dirt we shoes and avoid your pets from making their stuff on, as well ask prevent your kids from playing with gum and candy.

But you cant avoid it sometimes disaster happens and you need professional help.



housekeeperWhat we can do for you

Fortunately we can help you out with our premium carpet cleaning in Eagan Minnesota, we are professional, we have trained staff, professional equipment and use only environment safe cleaning products.

We remove dirt, dust, allegents, bacteria, stains, spots, pet urine and odors. But we do it by always treating your carpets gently.

There is no point in cleaning very well your rugs if they are going to become stiff and dull in a short time due to scrubbing with harsh chemicals.



Do you really need Experts

Here is the thing, im sure you or your house maid can  clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery, the problem is that if you dont know how to apply the right treatment and you dont have the right cleaning products you will cause more damage.

For example shampoos and detergents that house keepers buy at the supermarket are very dangerous for the fibers of your carpet, dont use them.

Vacuuming every  day is great and you should do it regularly, but it does not remove all the bacteria and dust that gets stuck deep in your fibers. Thats why you need to apply professional steam cleaning every few months. We can help you.


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stain removal

What is our cleaning procedure

Depending on your cleaning needs we can develop a custom plan, but we usually follow some very similar steps to make sure that everything works great.

You should decide if you want dry cleaning, steam cleaning or chem dry. We are going to make you a suggestion but the last word is yours.

We have a pre inspection step where we check every area of your house that needs our care and take note of the the potential permanent stains, the soiling conditions and the high traffic areas.

We remove sofas, tables and any furniture that is on our way, so we can start pre-vacuuming, removing dirt and dust.

We apply our steam cleaning or dry cleaning system. Once dirt breaks down, we have a truck mounted system that helps to extract all the dirt and residuous.

We treat all the stains that require special care.

We apply a protective shield against bacteria and dirt, which helps your rug to last more time clean.

Once we are dont we carefully review all the areas with you, so you can verify and check that everything looks fine.

Questions you may have

Are your cleaning products safe for my family?
Yes, avoid using any type of hazardous substances, we only use safe cleaning solutions that are good for the environment, your family and your carpet fibers.

Any Guarantee?
We always guarantee that we are going to give you a top notch service or you dont pay.

I need a free quote?
You got it, just give us a call and our representative will take some information from you about the service you need and then give you a free quote estimate.

What Cleaning treatment do you provide?
We give dry cleaning or steam cleaning depending on what you need. Usually steam cleaning is the most recommended treatment by experts, but it takes more drying time.

Can you  make an overhaul to my carpet?
Yes, with our expert service using our professional equipment we can help you dull and lifeless carpet to gain a new look. Of course we are going to be completely honest with you upfront of what kind of improvement you can expert, depending on how severe is the damage.

How often should i clean?
You should vacuum every day, remove stains as soon as  possible and hire professional deep cleaning at least every 12 to 24 months.



Here is our final recommendation

If you want your carpet to look soft, beautiful, smooth and smell fresh, you need to provide deep cleaning every few months.

Carpet manufacturers require that you deep clean at least every 12 to 24 months so they can make your warranty valid.

Give us a call right now, sometimes we offer special deals or offers depending on the season.

Dont wait any longer we can give you a professional carpet cleaning service in Eagan Minnesota. We are here to provide a top notch quality  service so we can gain your trust and be your top choice.


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