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Premium Carpet Cleaning in Duluth Mn, we are professionals at removing dust, dirt, pet odors, bacteria and allergens.

Many places such as offices, homes, restaurants and other businesses use carpets as their flooring. It has many advantages because carpets reduce noise in the office, makes a place safer because prevents slides, filters air quality and makes a place look comfortable and elegant.

We provide carpet cleaning in the area of Duluth Minnesota, which is a city of about 86,000 people and has a cold weather that makes it great for rugs.

Nevertheless Carpets are expensive and you need to choose carefully based on the design you like and the type of material such as wool, cotton, polypropylene, arylic, etc.

However carpets, area rugs and oriental rugs require special care, you need to provide regular cleaning following your manufacturer cleaning standards and recommendations.



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We are expert carpet cleaners in the area of Duluth, we provide a pro customer service and make sure we treat your carpet gently with our pro-equipment and our safe cleaning solutions.

There are many rug cleaning companies that are great at removing dirt and stains, but they dont provide a gentle treatment to your carpet fibers so they can last for a long time looking soft, smooth and fresh.

A good carpet cleaner rental should provide great customer service and use only cleaning products that will prolong its life as if it were new. There is no point in having a very clean carpet that looks awful, dull, stiff and lifeless. Here are some of our benefits:

  • We Guarantee our services

    We use only environment friendly solutions

    We use professional equipment

    We give an excellent customer service



Why hire Pro Care Cleaning Services

You may be able to clean your own carpet using homemade cleaning solutions, detergents and shampoos, but they may contain harsh chemicals, toxic substances and damaging ingredients that may cause more damage that good.

If you steam clean your own rug with those products, you may remove most dirt and stains, but your carpet fibers will suffer, they may become stiff and dull in a short time.

On the other hand if you hire pro cleaning services, the right cleaning solutions will promote healthy carpet fibers that will make them look soft, smooth and glowing. That is the big difference.



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What Cleaning process do we use?

  • To make sure that your carpets, area rugs and oriental rugs look great, we follow a process that works for us, but we do customize it based on your needs.
  • You give us a call and we get all your data about the service you need, so we can provide you with a free quote and decide if this is the service for you.
  • We make a next day appointment.
  • We go to your home and start our pre-inspection phase, by making an inventory of all the stains and high traffic areas, as well as soiling conditions.
  • Remove furniture such as sofas, tables and things that can get broken. Then we can start our pre-vacuum process and remove all the dust and dirt.
  • We treat pre-treat stains with our special solutions
  • We apply our steam cleaning system also called hot water extraction. This process will break apart all the deep dust, dirt, allergens and bacteria. With our truck mounted system we extract all those residuous.
  • We give a last check at stains and make sure that they are gone.
  • At this point we can apply a protective shield, that will keep away bacteria and soil.
  • Once we are done, we review with you all the areas we just cleaned and stains until you area fully satisfied with the results.

Some vital Questions and Answers you must know

What is your Guarantee?
We do offer a guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results, if you did not get the expected results, then you can get your money or we will clean again.

What is the cost?
The cost depends on how large the project is, depending on how many rooms we need to clean and the cleaning process we are going to use, such as dry cleaning or steam cleaning. But you can ask for a free quote.

Is your staff constantly trained?
Yes, our personal is fully trained and constantly updated on the new cleaning treatments and products.

Do you use safe cleaning products without chemicals?
Yes, we only use cleaning solutions that are safe for your family, your pets and your carpet fibers.

Can you clean pet urine?
yes, we have the necessary cleaning solutions and treatments to remove pet urine safely without damaging your carpet. We can also remove pet odors.

How often should i clean my carpet?
You should vacuum every day, but you should steam clean it at least every 12 to 18 months.



Here is what you should do next

Now that you know how important is to provide constant and quality cleaning to your carpets and rugs you should call us and make an appointment. We can do a quality job on a budget.

You can ask our representatives for any special offers or deals that we may have at this time in the year. Any way we have good competitive prices.

Follow your manufacturer advice and hire professional cleaning services in Duluth Minnesota every 12 to 24 months.

We are ready to do the work, just give us a call. Our goal is to gain your trust and be your top cleaning provider.


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