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Our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Coon Rapids MN Service removes the toughest stains without causing damage as well as dust, dirt, pet odors and allergens.

Coon Rapids is a small city of 62,000 people in the state of Minnesota, here many offices and houses have carpets or rugs installed as their flooring.

Carpets have many advantages over common flooring such as they reduce noise in offices, they keep air quality clean, they avoid falling accidents and they make a place look comfortable and elegant.

Even though buying a carpet is easy, it is significant investment depending in how large are the areas where you want it and also what is  the material that you want it. There are carpets made of wool, acrylic, polyester, cotton and polypropylene.

However many people dont give their rugs and carpets the  proper treatment, they require regular cleaning and expert deep cleaning periodically. If you fail do give proper maintenance to your rugs they become dull, lifeless, stiff and ugly in no time.



housekeeperHow we can Help you Keep your Carpet Clean

CarpetUash is an Expert Carpet Cleaning Company in Coon Rapids Minnesota, we want to gain your trust and your business by providing the best cleaning service at competitive prices.

Our Objective is not just to clean your carpet and make it smell good, but to make sure that we prolonged its life but taking care of it gently with cleaning solutions that are effective but do not contain toxic substances that can harm your carpet fibers in the long run.

Cleaning a carpet is more than removing dirt, stains, dust, allergens and odors, is about making your carpet look like new and preserve its beauty for a long time.

How professional Carpet Cleaning Makes a Difference

I just mentioned that we go to the extra mile to guarantee that your carpet looks great for a long time,  soft and fresh. But we can achieve that because we have the best equipment and professional personal.

We apply industry standards and use professional equipment such as a truck mounted technology and cleaning products that are safe for the environment and free of toxic chemicals.

We train our staff with the latest cleaning treatments and follow a very strict cleaning procedure that adheres to the recommendations of carpet manufacturers. Taking care of your rugs is a serious business and we can do the job properly.


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stain removal

Here is our cleaning procedure

Every time we make a new cleaning job, we make sure to follow some very powerful steps that always work to make your carpet look beautiful, an overhaul.

  • One of our representatives will take your call, ask you a few questions based on the service you need and then give you a free quote. Then once you agree to hire us, we will make a next day appointment.
  • When we begin our pre-inspection step we identify all the trouble areas that requires our special attention and stains that we need to remove.
  • Now its time to remove furniture from your carpet such as chairs and sofas, to then start our vacuuming process that will remove all the superficial dust and dirt.
  • We then apply our steam cleaning treatment that removes the most deep and difficult dirt, allergens, bacteria and odors. With our truck mounted system we extract all the residuous left behind.
  • Once we finish the cleaning phase we can apply a protective shield we have that can help your carpet prevent further damage from the dirt and bacteria of the environment.
  • As a last step we review all our work with you, we want you to evaluate our job and let us know what you think. We want you to be satisfied, because we want to gain your trust and be your top priority choice.

Here are some questions and answers you may have in mind

What is your Guarantee?
We make sure that you are completely happy with our results or else you dont pay. We want to gain your trust by providing a great service, we wont leave until you are satisfied.

I want a free quote estimate
Yes, you can get a free quote just by calling us and asking one of our representatives, he will ask you a few question about your need and then give you a quote.

What kind of treatment is the most effective for my carpet?
There are two main ways to clean your carpet with dry cleaning or steam cleaning. We recommend that you choose steam cleaning, it is the treatment that cleans more deeply removes hard dust, dirt, odors and bacteria and we have the equipment.

Is your personal fully trained?
Yes, if you have any doubt you can ask our personal and they will answer your questions. Dont hesitate to ask any questions and report any complains that you dont like.

Are your cleaning products green for the environment?
Yes our cleaning solutions and products are good for the environment and for your family. We dont use any harsh chemical or toxic substance that may cause harm to your pets or family.



Here is your next step

As you have read if you dont provide the necessary professional cleaning to your carpets and rugs they deteriorate quickly and loss all of its beauty, softness, good smell and glow.

A carpet that becomes stiff becomes ugly and nobody wants it. Give it the right treatment and you will be glad. Give us a call.

Special deals, special offers and savings are offered sometimes, but you dont need them we have great competitive prices.

We are fully committed to provide you with the best high quality rug and carpet cleaning service in Coon Rapids Minnesota. We want to be your top priority service and gain your trust.


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