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Brooklyn Park in Minnesota is a great place to live, you can find different attractions, hotels and restaurants that you can enjoy. You will also find that those places including offices and houses have carpets or rugs to help the place look comfortable.

Carpets can do wonders for a place, it can make it look luxury, it can reduce unwanted noise from shoes and also absorbs the noise and it can filter air quality retaining pollen and bacteria.

However a carpet is a great responsability because it requires proper maintenance. In fact carpet manufacturers recommend that you follow their strict cleaning guidelines if you want to make your warranty valid and preserve the beauty of your carpet.

Cleaning your carpet and rugs regularly should be a priority in your house cleaning tasks. But you need to know how to do it properly and what cleaning products to use, if you dont follow this advice you carpet can become dull and lifeless very quickly and loss its softness.



housekeeperBut we can help you

Our CarpetUash company is a carpet cleaning service in Brooklyn Park MN, we have the Mission of providing a high quality service that will not just clean your carpets and rugs, but it will make them preserve its beauty life for many years down the road.

There are many carpet cleaning companies that may do the job, but we have the professional equipment, trained personal, cleaning products and expert personal to do the right job.

Second hand companies may harm your carpet fibers, because they use cleaning solutions with toxic chemicals and harsh substances that even though they may clean your carpet, they will damage your fibers and as time goes on they will become stiff.



Why Hire Professional Rug Cleaning instead of doing it yourself?

You may be able to clean your carpet, rugs and upholstery, but you have to know how to do it right, what cleaning products to use and how to preserve its softenes as well as its good odor.

Carpets that are cleaned with harsh chemicals such as detergents they are prone to become stiff and dull much more quicker. You paid a lot of money for your carpet, you dont want it to be ugly in just a couple of years.

With proper regular cleaning as your manufacturer recommend, you carpet can last for many years beautiful, soft, smelling fresh and looking like new. Deep cleaning every 12 to 24 months will do wonders.



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These are the cleaning steps we follow

  • Every time we clean a new carpet we follow the same process to make sure that we get great results every time.

    Once a customer call us, one of our staff will answer your call and discuss some vital information that we need from you, to then provide you with a free quote.

    Then the pre-inspection phase starts when we visit your home and review every area of your house that we are going to clean, to make an inventory of the trouble stains and spots that we need to take care.

    Now its time to remove all furniture and anything else that is on your carpet, so we can start vacuuming and removing superficial dust.

    We use a steam cleaning process to remove even the most deep dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens. Once all dirt breaks up we exctract it with our truck mounted technology.

    We can apply a protective shield which helps to keep away dust and bacteria for longer time.

    The post inspection phase is when we review with you all the areas where we worked, we want to make sure that everything was up to your standards and that you are satisfied.


Frequently Asked Question

Do you give Free quotes
Yes sure, just give us a call, our representative will ask you a few questions about the service you need and give you a free quote estimate, no strings attached.

Any Guarantee?
We always Guarantee our services, we are so confident on our high quality results that we are willing to put ourselves on the line, if you dont like the work you dont pay or we wont leave until you like the results.

What the recommended cleaning method?
The truth is that most rug and carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning or hot water extraction as long as it is applies correctly by professionals.

Do you train your staff are they trusthworthy?
Yes we train our staff on a regular basis to keep them up to date with the latest treatments and also we choose them very carefully, they will also work as professionals and if you dont like something you can report it to us.

Are your cleaning products safe for my family
Sure, all our cleaning products are not just highly effective by we make sure that we only have products that are safe for your family, without toxic substances or chemicals that could cause health issues.

Do you restore carpets?
WE are dedicated to cleaning, we do overhauls, but we dont repair carpets, however we can inspect the problem and let you know what we can do about it.



Here is what to do next

You have seen how important is to give regular cleaning to your carpets and hire professional cleaning to keep them looking beautiful, soft, smelling fresh and glowing. Now is the time for your to call us and ask for a quote.

Your carpet manufacturer will only make your warranty valid if you follow a very strict cleaning guideline. We can help you out.

You may want to ask for any deals, special offer or discounts that we may or may not offer at some times during the year.

We are dedicated to provide the best carpet and rug cleaning service in Brookly Park Minnesota. Give us a try and give your carpet an overhaul.


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