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Expert Carpet Cleaning in Blaine MN, We are professionals at removing the hardest stains, dust,dirt,odors and bacteria.

In the state of Minnesota there is beautiful city  called Blaine with about 60,000 people. Here there are different businesses, offices and houses that have installed carpets and rugs to make their place look beautiful.

Carpets are great because they reduce noise, they filter air quality, look comfortable and avoid slips and falls from people, so it make a place also look safe.

However carpets are not cheap items, this is a significant investment that you make on your house or office and you want it to last more many years. Is important that you ask your carpet company how many years it is guaranteed.

And you should also ask them what is the cleaning method and cleaning guidelines that they recommend, to make your carpet last and make your warranty valid.



housekeeperWe can help you Prolonge the life of your Carpet

We are a carpet cleaning service in Blaine, Minnesota and our purpose is to provide one of the best cleaning services in the USA, using only cleaning products that are highly effective, safe  for your family, great for your carpet and good for the environment.

Professional rug cleaning should be done at least every 12 to 18 months, if you dont do it, no matter how much care you think you have for your carpet, it will absorb more dirt, become dull, lifeless and stiff.

Once your carpet its damaged its difficult to recover its glow, but we can help you out,  inspect it and let you know what results you can expect.



Professional Deep Cleaning is a Must do

Some house keepers believe that because they bought a very good vacuum with the latest technology and they have some great house cleaning products they dont need  professional cleaning.

The truth is that no matter how good is your vacuum or your cleaning products, you should hire expert carpet cleaning if you want to remove deep dirt,dust, allergens, bacteria, etc.

There is a lot of dirt and microorganisms that are not visible to the naked eye, but they will damage your carpet with time. Once your rug becomes dull, stiff and ugly its difficult to restore it.

Instead is better to follow a very clear cleaning guideline of vacuuming and hire expert cleaning every 12 months.


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This is the Cleaning Procedure we follow Every Time

When we work in a new project we follow a very stric cleaning process that has worked for us time and time again, here is what we do.

  • We receive a call from you, a representative answers your call and guide through a series of questions about the service you need. He then give you a free quote estimate and schedule an appointment if you want the service.
  • We begin by going through every area in your house that we are going to treat and making a very careful inventory of the stains we need to treat and high traffic areas that may require special treatment.
  • We remove furniture such as chairs and sofas, so we can start our vacuuming process by removing all superficial dirt and dust.
  • The process we usually use and recommend is hot water extraction, this is a very powerful cleaning treatment that breaks apart deep dust, allergens, bacteria and we extract it with our truck mounted system.
  • We then can apply a protective product which can prevent your carpet from getting damaged by the effects of the environment such as dirt, bacteria and other things.
  • In our last phase, our post inspection phase, we review with you every single area. We make sure that you are glad with the results and that you will be happy in working with us again in the future.

The most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you give me a Guarantee or your service?
Sure, you can be sure that if we dont do the work and you get the results you want, we are going to give your money back or do the work again until you are happy with the results.

I want to get a free quote without attachments
Yes sure, you can call us at any time and get a free quote without any compromise. Our staff will ask you a few simple questions about the service and what you need.

is your cleaning treatment effective?
Yes, we use a hot water extraction system (steam cleaning) that has been proven to work every time in removing the most difficult dirt, bacteria, allergens and odors from your carpet fibers.

Can i trust your personal?
Yes, sure they are humans and they can make mistakes, but they are fully trained and they are experts at what they do. If you have any complains you can call us.

Do you use safe cleaning products?
We only use safe cleaning solutions that are safe to use in your house and will not cause any damage to your pets, kids or family. Our products do not contain toxic substances or hard chemicals.

Do you repair rugs?
No, its not our expertise, however we can take a look at let you know what we can do about it.



Now is the time to call us

As you have read carpet and rug expert cleaning are essential for the life of them, if you dont do it properly they will end up beecomig dull, lifeless, loss its softness, smell bad and get ugly.

We are here to avoid that deterioration and making it look like new for many more years.

You may want to ask for any available special offers and deals that we some times offer.

We are determined to give the best carpet cleaning service in Blaine Minnesota, we are a serious business and we are here for the long term.


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