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We Provide Expert Carpet Cleaning in Appley Valley MN, we are dedicated to remove  the most difficult stains, dirt, and odors using safe cleaning products.

Are you frustrated trying to clean your carpets, rugs and upholstery with no success? There are many businesses, houses and offices in Appley  Valley Minnesota that have carpets installed to provide a great luxury, comfortable and elegant view to their location.

However even though buying a carpet is a simple process, you need to choose the type of material you want and design. Once you choose the one you like, you need to ask the manufacturer company what are the cleaning recommendation procedures.

Many people dont realize that carpets require special maintenance and are not just you typical flooring. A carpet should last for many years, specially if you invest a lot of money.

But for your carpet to last you need to provide regular and professional cleaning. Yes, you will have to invest from time to time a little money in hiring someone to do the job, but the rewards are great.




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We are a carpet cleaning company in Apple Valley Minnesota that can help  you give expert maintenance to your rugs and carpets at a price you can afford.

Your stained and dingy carpet can get an overhaul and look beautiful, soft and fresh with our special treatment.

There are many cleaning companies, but we realize that is not just about removing dirt and stains, its about prolonging the life of your carpet looking beautiful and glowing.

With our service you get:

  • Professional Deep Cleaning
    A Guaranteed Service
    Top Quality Customer Service
    We use only Environment Safe Cleaning Products.



Why hire Professionals

You may already know that you need expert help, but what if you dont hire professionals and you do it your self.

The problem is that most house owners will delegate the job to their house maid, buy her some detergents, shampoos and a scrubber.

She may do carpet vacuuming every day, which is great and you should. But  when it comes to washing your carpet using the wrong cleaning solutions with harsh chemicals and detergents with toxic substances can cause more damage to your rugs than good.

In fact it may even be dangerous for the health of your kids and pets that play on your carpet on a daily basis.


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What are some of the steps we use when cleaning

When we clean a house we want to follow a process that always work for us and customize our plan based on your needs and budget.

  • For example there is dry cleaning, steam cleaning and chem dry. It is often recommended steam cleaning as the best option, but dry cleaning is faster.
  • When a customer give us a call we take their info and provide a free quote based on the service and amount of work needed.
  • In our pre-inspection we review all areas of the house and make an inventory of the stains that require special care as well as the soiling conditions.
  • We remove all furniture so we can start pre-vacuuming, removing dirt and dust.
  • We then apply steam cleaning or dry cleaning system. We have a powerful truck mounted system that helps to remove all the dirt and dust that breaks down after using our hot water extraction system.
  • We can apply a special protective spray that helps to keep away bacteria and dirt from damaging your carpet fibers.
  • We finish by reviewing every single area with you, so you can verify that the job was properly done and that you are satisfied with the work.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Guarantee your service?
Yes we always guarantee all our services, we want to make sure that you are confident in our work and that you will not be disappointed.

Do you use safe cleaning products?
Yes we only use cleaning solutions and products that have been proven to be healthy for your carpet and kids. We dont use toxic or harsh substances.

Is your personal trained?
Yes all our employees are trained with the industry cleaning standards and  are very professional.

Do you give free quotes?
Yes just call our office and we will give you a free quote estimate, you just have to tell us what is the service you need and how large is the job.

Can you restore my carpet?
We can certainly give your carpet a makeover, our service will make your dull carpet  look great again. However we do not repair broken carpets.

How often should i clean my rug?
You should vacuum every day and take proper care. But you should at least hire expert cleaners once a year.



One final Recommendation

Rug manufacturers advice to clean deeply every 12 to 24 months, to at least make your warranty valid. But be careful what company you hire, there are some that use any type  of harsh chemicals to remove stains, those can have a long term damaging effect.

What is the point of having a clean carpet if it will become stiff with your harsh chemicals and scrubbing.

Instead it is highly recommended that you hire our professional carpet cleaning services in  Apple Valley Minnesota. We are here to stay and gain your trust by providing a quality customer service that we can be proud of.


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