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carpet cleaning st. louisIf you have Carpets at your home or office in St Louis Mo is not enough to do some superficial cleaning, you need to do a deep cleaning of your carpets if you want them to last for a long time. Carpets have a high cost and replacing them can be very costly, you should give proper maintenance to your carpets so they can last and look beautiful.

Looking for Carpet Cleaning in St. Louis Missouri? CarpetUash can help you out with professional cleaning of your carpets, furniture upholstery and oriental rugs. We only use professional cleaning products, avoid any second hand cleaning products that can damage the fibers of your carpet and the health your family, kids and pets.

There are 2 main types of cleaning that we can offer you:

cleaning floor tileHot Water Extraction: This method uses a steam cleaning industrial process to clean your carpets, which is the same as hot water. We use equipment that sprays hot water with added chemicals on the carpet, then the water is vacuumed with a all dissolved dirt. This is one of the most recommended ways for carpet cleaning though it more time for it to dry.

Dry Cleaning: This is another popular method that rely on specialized machines with very low moisture systems, rely on dry compounds which are complemented with cleaning solutions. This method have a rapid drying time of 24 hours.

I know you can do your own carpet cleaning or maybe you have service at home that can do it for you, but you should not take carpet and rug cleaning very lightly, the wrong products and chemicals can damage the fibers of your carpets and make them look dull and old.

With our professional cleaning process we make sure that any spills, spots and dirt is removed without damaging your carpets and make them look beautiful. But we dont stop there we also can apply a protector that will keep your carpet clean for longer time and will avoid getting damaged by common spills of wine and food.

Why should you choose CarpetUash at St. Louis as your preferred choice:

Our expert technicians will use only professional equipment and get rid of any difficult spots, allergens and contaminants.
We offer a great service for an affordable cost
We will follow up with you to provide our services at least every 6 or 12 months so your carpets can stay beautiful.
We will get rid of any odors your pets leave
We will apply to your rugs and carpets a special protector that will make them last longer
Do you need carpet or rug restoration we can help you out
We follow professional industry cleaning standards
We only use eco friendly cleaning products
We have 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Service is 100% Guarantee

We wont leave until you are satisfied with our service. We want to gain your trust so we can keep coming back to clean your carpets, so we are committed to provide you a quality and great customer service.

Call Us at anytime we will give you a free quote no strings attached, we can even go to your house make an inspection and tell you what cleaning procedure we recommend you and what the cost is, no hidden costs.

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