Many Dry Carpet Cleaner Brands cause Bacteria Contamination

powderThere are many dry carpet cleaner brands that have been found to contain toxic bacteria, “The consumer Product Safety Commission” said. The brands that are impacted are: Capture, Healthy Home, Arm & Hammer, Oreck, Riccar and Resista.

The Powder these in these house cleaners is used on rugs and carpets and to deodorize them, but they contain a harmful bacteria that have been found to cause respiratory infections. However people with Healthy immune systems should not worry said CPSC, but immunocommpromised people can become ill.

Those cleaning products were sold at Lowes, home depot, Menards, Oreck and speciality vacuum and carpet stores in the United States from july 2015 to september 2016.

If you bought any of those products on these dates, you should stop using it immediately.

You know that pets and kids like to play on carpets so you should be careful from using any cleaner that contains toxic substances.

Unfortunately some household cleaning products such as detergents have toxic chemicals you should avoid using them.

That is why is recommended to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to do your deep cleaning with effective green safe cleaners that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

If you are going to do your own in house cleaning you should check that any cleaner, powder, spray or detergent you buy is free of toxic substances especially if you have children and pets are are exposed to those cleaning solutions.

Professional carpet cleaners know this and should use green cleaning solutions, usually to clean a carpet the product must contain some types of chemicals, but those should not contain toxic substances that can cause any harm to humans and pets.