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Get Professional Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Wichita Kansas. We Remove the most difficult stains, spots, dirt and allergens using only environmentally friendly cleaning agents.

Whichita is the largest city in the beautiful state of Kansas, there are some beautiful homes and hotels in this city that use carpets and rugs to make their place glow and make it feel comfortable and luxury.

Unfortunately many people dont know that buying a luxury carpet is not a one time event and you forget about it. To make your carpet look amazing, soft and glow you have to give it the proper maintenance recommended by your manufacturer guidelines.




There are different styles of carpets that use different materials and textures and depending of what you buy it will be easier to clean or not, some types of carpet look more luxury and hide soil, but retain more residues.

For example there are different carpet styles such as:

And there are carpets made of different materials such as:

Soft Nylon

We are experts and carpet cleaning in Wichita KS and can provide you with a quality maintenance service for your carpets and area rugs we can even restore deteriorated carpet.


Why hire carpet cleaning experts

Our Carpet cleaning service in Wichita KS is a great option for you because we are going to do all the proper cleaning maintenance that your costly carpets require.

Simple Vacuuming every week is great, but your carpet also need deep cleaning from time to time, manufacturers recommend at least once a year. Soil gets absorbed by your carpet fibers deep inside and mot common vacuums cant remove it.

Unfortunately as time goes on that accumulated soil starts to make your carpet look dull and stiff. You also require to have the right cleaning products and solutions that can safely remove all the dirt and stains without damaging your rugs and the health of yoru kids.

Many household cleaning detergents contain chemicals that can be toxic for your family and kids that play on your carpet. We only use environmental safe cleaning agents that contain no toxic chemicals.

Spots and Stains

Keep in mind that when there is a spill of wine, food, gum or any liquid that can damage of discolorate your carpet fibers, you have to remove it right away. When stains are fresh you have more chance of removing them with water or cleaning agents without causing any damage. However if you let those stains dry and stay there for a long time they will discolorate your rug and be more difficult to remove.

We are experts at removing any type of stains quickly we have the right cleaning solutions that can remove even the most stubborn stains. There is a cleaning process that has to be followed, we can do it, just give us a call in Wichita KS.


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stain removal

What cleaning process do you use?

  • We at carpetuash use a very detailed procedure depending on what service you need and the type of carpet you have.
  • When you call one of our representatives in Wichita Kansas, he is going to ask you a few questions such as the number of rooms that we need to clean and he will give you a free quote and schedule an appointment to visit your house.
  • We then visit your house and make an inventory of all the trouble areas that we need to clean and let you know any further details of how we are going to proceed at how much time we may last.
  • We start the cleaning process by vacuuming and removing all the stains in your carpet, we remove dirt, grim and dust before applying our hot water extraction system.
  • Using our hot water extraction system, we spread water into your carpet and absorb it with our truck mounted technology to get rid of all the stubborn dirt, residuous, allergens and microorganisms left.
  • Once we are doing cleaning your carpet and rugs we apply a protective shield so your carpets can last against soil for a longer time.
  • We treat your carpet fibers gently and brush it gently with our special equipment and cleaning agents that have been proven to be effective.
  • It is not enough to make your carpet look clean, we use the safest and most effective cleaning solutions in the industry to make sure that your fibers are not damaged and that they stay soft and clean for a long time.

The Most Frequently asked questions


Do you offer a Guarantee for your Services?

Yes, Every professional carpet cleaning company should offer a Guarantee. We want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our services, we want to be your top priority choice for regular maintenance and not just a one time job.

Do you have safe cleaning products or environmental friendly products?

Yes, we make sure that any cleaning solution and product that we use is safe for your kids, pets and your family. We avoid any product with toxic chemicals.

Can i get a Free Quote?

Yes, you can call us at any time during the day and one of our agents will ask you a few questions and give you free quote no strings attached.

Does you extraction system use a truck mounted system?

Yes, we have professional equipment to provide you the best service with a truck mounted system that help us remove all the dirt, soil, allergens, grim and dust.

Are your employees trained technicians?

Yes, our employees are fully trained in every aspect of carpet and rug cleaning. One of our trained technicians is in charge of the cleaning process and you can ask him anything.

Can you repair carpets?

We can help you repair or restore your carpet, we can evaluate the damage make a diagnostic and let you know what we can do about it, so you can have realistic expectations and know if you want us to proceed with the service.


If i want to hire your service whats the next step?

If you are ready to give your carpets an overhaul and treat them well, you can call us right away to get a quote an schedule an appointment in Wichita KS.

You can ask for any deals, coupons, rebates or discounts that we have sometimes during the year. However we offer a great service at a budget you can afford, you will be more than glad with your investment in our services.

Keep in mind that your carpet manufacturer warranty is only valid if you give it proper maintenance during the year, otherwise it wont be valid.

You should do daily pile lifting and vacuuming to your carpets and rugs if you want to make them last, but professional deep cleaning is also a must. We can do professional deep cleaning in Wichita Kansas.

Removing dust and dirt with a commercial vacuum wont be enough to remove deep dirt, allergens and microorganisms that damage the fibers of your carpet. Hire the professional and we will do it for you every few months.


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