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We are Professional a Carpet Cleaning Olathe KS company. We remove stubborn stains, deep dust, dirt, odors and allergens.

The City of Olathe Kansas with a population of about 125,000 people, there are some great places to go, where carpets are a part of their interior design as well as in homes. Rugs and Carpets provide a luxury and glowing look to our houses and make them look nice.

However carpets are a big investment and require professional maintenance so you can make them last for a long time. Carpets and rugs are a long term investment and you should buy them thinking not just in how great they look, but in what cleaning requirements it needs.

A lot of people dont take this seriously and then just vacuum their carpets weekly and dont give it proper deep cleaning, what happens is that as time goes on and you carpet absorbs more deep dirt and dust it will become dull and stiff.

The only way to avoid that, is to follow your manufacturer cleaning guidelines and hire professional deep cleaning at least once every 12 months. Avoid using common household detergents they can harm your rug fibers more than help.



housekeeperHere is What carpetuash can do for you

Carpetuash is a carpet cleaning company in Olathe Kansas, dedicated to provide you with the best cleaning service. We are not just one of the many companies, we know that your carpet and rugs need proper care with the right cleaning agents.

We can take care of your carpet fibers properly and remove difficult stains with care. It is not enough to get rid of stains with harsh chemicals, we remove them without causing any long term damage to your rugs.

We remove dirt, dust, stains, grime, allergens and odors using the latest cleaning standards and technology.


Here is why carpet cleaning professionals are necessary

Carpets and Rugs require proper care so they can last for many years, they are expensive and we want them to last. Regular vacuuming and stain cleaning is great, but it is not enough and if not done correctly can cause damage.

You may like your maid to clean your carpets, but they will use a household detergent and scrub until they remove those difficult stains. The problem is that even though you can get rid of those stains and remove superficial dust, there is a lot of dirt that is deep in the fibers of your carpet, but also those detergents can damage it.

The problem is that many household cleaning products that you find in the supermarket contain harsh chemicals, they are not good for your rugs, they can damage it and make them stiff, dull and lifeless. Also toxic substances can be harmful for your family kids and pets.

Just follow what your manufacturer recommends vacuum regularly and hire expert carpet cleaning in Olathe Kansas every 12 months.


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stain removal

Here are the cleaning steps

We follow a proven cleaning procedure that takes care of your carpets and we make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service.

  • We take your call and one of our trained representatives will ask you a few questions about the service and then schedule a next day appointment.
  • The moment we arrive at your home we start by reviewing the areas that we are going to clean and making an inventory of the trouble stains.
  • Now is the time for us to remove all the furniture form the carpets and remove all the superficial dirt.
  • We apply our steam cleaning technology, our trained employees use this cleaning procedure to take out all the dirt, allergens and dust from your carpet fibers. This is the procedure that manufacturers recommend.
  • We have a protective shield that we apply to your carpets and rugs to help then repel any allergens and dirt.
  • We then review with detail all the areas and rooms with you to make sure that everything was done correctly and that you are satisfied with the results.
  • We want to have a good business relationship and work with you down the road.
  • We are going to keep in touch with you and remind you when another clean is necessary.

Here we want to asnwer some Questions and doubts

Do you fully Guarantee your services?

We as always Guarantee our services, we are confident that you are going to like our service, but if for any reason we miss something, we are going to clean it or fix it.

Can i get a free estimate?

Of course, we can give you a free quote estimate, you just have to let us know how many rooms you need us to clean.

What is the cleaning treatment you will use?

There is dry cleaning and steam cleaning, we recommend steam cleaning also called hot water extraction, that is what rug manufacturers recommend.

Is your personal fully trained?

Yes, our employees are trained with industry standards and they know how to apply all the cleaning procedures and use them gently on your carpets.

Do you use  cleaning solutions that contain toxic substances?

We dont use any cleaning solutions with toxic chemicals or substances which can be damaging not just for your carpet but for your family. We  use environment safe cleaning solutions.

Can you Repair Rugs?

We do can help you, we can take a look at it and let  you know what we can do.

How Often should my rug be professionally cleaned?

Manufacturers recommend that you clean your carpet at least every 12 to 24 months.



Im ready to hire your service, whats the next step?

The Next step is to call us and one of our people will give you a free quote estimate and make an appointment. We want to  be your top priority choice.

Remember that carpet manufacturers only make valid their warranty if you follow their recommended cleaning guidelines. We can do the job, we have the personal and the experience.

Sometimes we have special offers, discounts or savings, ask our representatives.

We want you to hire our carpet cleaning services in Olathe Kansas and be the ones to give you regular maintenance.


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