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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Manhattan KS, we get rid of the most difficult stains, spots, dirt and allergens without using harsh chemicals.

If you live in Manhattan Kansas in United States you know that is a beautiful place where nice people live  and like to maintain a beautiful house, by buying nice furniture, have a great interior design and usually a carpet or rug it necessary to provide some areas of our home that luxury, glowing and comfortable look that we like.

However even though buying a carpet its easy, there is a high cost that you have to pay for your carpet and then for installation. Also there are different types of carpets some are nylon polypropylene, acrylic, polyester, wool or cotton, depending on what you choose and the style of carpet you want the cost is going to be.

If you buy a good carpet it will usually be expensive, it also depends on how many rooms you want it. What many people dont think is that they have to clean their carpets or rugs professionally at least every year and take proper care every week.

Carpets are a big investment and are means to last for a long time if they are given proper care and maintenance. Your carpet manufacturer should tell you what are the required cleaning guidelines that you have to follow, because your warranty is valid only if you follow those cleaning guidelines.



housekeeperWhat is CarpetUash?

Fortunately we can help you, we are a carpet and rug cleaning company in Manhattan Kansas and we can provide you with a quality professional service that you need to keep your carpet fibers looking great, soft and smelling fresh.

We can get rid of the most difficult and stubborn stains, spots, pet odors, dirt, dust, grim and even remove allergens and microorganisms that put the health of your pet and kids at risk.

We want you to be completely satisfied with our service, because we want you to keep coming back to us for regular maintenance and cleaning.


Why Hire Rug and Carpet Cleaning Professionals

Many carpet owners know that to maintain a carpet clean you have to vacuum at least every week, remove stains quickly and some even steam clean their carpets.

However it is necessary to do a professional deep cleaning every 12 to 24 months if you want your carpet to last. Vacuuming is great, but it does not remove the most difficult dirt and allergens that get absorbed by the fibers of your carpet. So as time goes on your carpet absorb more dirt that can be damaging to your family but also to your carpet fibers.

Also many household cleaning products that people buy at the supermarket contains harsh chemicals, toxic substances and damaging ingredients that even though the could clean your carpet, they will damage it, making it stiff and full of chemicals.

Thats why it is necessary to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Manhattan KS at least every 12 months.

I does not matter how much you vacuum, there is deep dirt that it can not be eliminated without expert deep cleaning, along with germs, allergens and odors.


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Cleaning Steps

Every time we clean a carpet or rug we follow a very stric procedure that its proven to work and make your carpets look great and on budget.

  • The moment you call us a representative will answer the call and ask you a few questions, then she provides you with a free quote.
  • She schedule a next day appointment. Once we arrive at your home we inspect all the trouble areas and identify the stains that need special attention.
  • We then proceed to clean your carpet with our professional technicians and using the right cleaning product agents that are safe for your carpets and contain no toxic ingredients.
  • We use a hot water extraction procedure also called steam cleaning that is the most recommended procedure by manufacturers. We have a truck mounted technology to help us out.
  • Then we apply a protective shield to your carpets and rugs so they can be protected from further dirt and allergens for longer time.
  • Once we are completely finished we proceed to review all the areas with you. We check that we didnt miss anythinig, that you are satisfied with our results and that all stains are gone.

Questions You may Have

Is your service Guaranteed?

Yes our service is completely guaranteed and if you are not satisfied with the results you can ask for your money back or we will fix it until you are satisfied.

Can i get a free quote?

Sure, you can call us and we are going to give you a free quote based on the number of areas that need cleaning

What kind of cleaning treatment do you apply?

We use a steam cleaning treatment, there is also dry cleaning but steam cleaning is recommended by carpet manufacturers.

are your employees professionally trained?

Yes all our personal is fully trained in all the cleaning procedures and they can advice you if you have any questions.

Do you use evironment friendly products?

We only use environmentally friendly products, we avoid any type of toxic substances and harsh chemicals that could harm your carpet fibers or your family health.

Can you  Repair my Carpet?

Depending on the situation we may be able to help you out or restore your carpet.

How often should i hire a carpet cleaning service?

it is recommended by professional and manufacturers that you deep clean your carpet at least every 12 to 24 months.



I want a Professional Cleaning service, whats next

Now that you know how important is to give proper maintenance to your rugs, you have to give us a call, we are ready to give you our best service.

Carpet manufacturers only make valid their warranty if you follow their strict cleaning standards and give proper maintenance.

Ask our representatives for any discounts, saving or offers that we may have at this time during the year.
We want to gain your trust for any further carpet cleaning services in Manhattan KS. Give us a try, we work on time, with quality and at a budget you can afford.


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