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Pro carpet cleaning in Lawrence Kansas, get rid of unwated dirt, dust, pet odors and hard to remove stains from your carpets and rugs.

Having your house clean and looking beautiful at all times in Lawrence Kansas is hard work, you need to clean every day and if possible have maid help. Even though many cleaning tasks can be done by you or someone you can count in your house, there are times when professional cleaning may be the best choice.

Many houses in the city of Lawrence nowadays have carpets and rugs installed, they are great because make your house look comfortable, beautiful and reduce noice especially in offices.

The only problem is that many people dont hire professional carpet cleaning in Lawrence Ks and only do regular vacuuming and spot cleaning at home. Cleaning your carpet regularly is great and you should do it al least weekly, the problem is that you also have to do deep cleaning of your carpets every 12 to 24 months.

In fact most manufacturers recommend to hire professional steam cleaning at least every 24 months or else their warranty will not be valid.



housekeeperBut we are here to Help you

We at CarpetUash can offer you the best Rug and Carpet cleaning service in Lawrence KS. We are dedicated to provide the highest quality service and the best possible price, but always giving priority to a top notch service.

We are not a flight by night company, we want you to hire our carpet cleaning services and be completely satisfied, so you want to hire us again in the future for routine cleaning.

At carpetuash we train all our technicians to clean carpets with the latest steam cleaning technology and using only safe cleaning solutions that are non toxic for you and your pets.

We are very careful in taking care of your carpet fibers and avoid any type of cleaning chemicals that could make your carpets stiff. We are looking to make your carpets and rugs last for many years looking great.


Here is why you should hire us

As i have said we want to gain your trust and be your top priority when it comes to carpet cleaning. We are going to clean your carpets get rid of stubborn dirt, dust, grim and remove even the most difficult stains from wine, food, gum, pets or anything else.

But that is not all, we can even remove pet odors so your carpet can look and smell good again. If you need carpet restoration or repair you can ask our agents and they will tell you all the details.


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How do you Clean

  • Now, we use a very through cleaning process, we do not take anything for granted, we check everything.
  • The process starts the moment you call us and ask for our services, we give you a quote and make a schedule appointment
  • Once on your house we make a full inventory all all the areas we are going to clean and check for the difficult stains.
  • We start to clean first vacuuming and cleaning all those difficult stains, we use our very special cleaning solutions so they do not harm your carpet fibers.
  • Then we apply our steam cleaning method or hot water extraction using our truck mounted system. This way we remove even the most stubborn dirt and extract everything.
  • WE then apply a protective shield to make your carpet stronger to dust and stains.
  • Once we finish cleaning and removed all residuous, we are going to review all the areas with you so you can be completely satisfied and if any stain is missing we are going to remove it.
  • That is all the carpet cleaning process, we want to have a glowing review from you, so we are going to do our best.

Frequently asked Carpet Cleaning Questions

These are some of the most common questions we usually have:

Do you have a Guarantee

Yes all our services are completely guaranteed, you can be sure that we are going to do a great service and we are going to honor our guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Can i get a free quote

Of course, you can call us and one of our representatives will ask you a few questions and give you a free quote based on the number of rooms that need cleaning.

Do you clean any type of carpet

Yes, there are different types of carpets some are of wool, synthetic, nylon, polyester, etc. We are ready to clean any type of carpet, we got the right cleaning solutions that will not damage your fibers that will make your carpet soft.

Are your cleaning products safe for my family

Yes, all our cleaning agents and solutions are safe for your family and pets. We dont use any products with harsh chemicals, our products are environment friendly.

Do you Repair Carpets

We can restore your carpet depending on the damage that it has, we can inspect your carpet and let you know what we can do about it.



Here is what you have to do Next

Now that you know what our service does and how important is to clean your rugs and carpets, you need to call us and get a free quote no strings attached.

You can even ask for any discounts, coupons or offers that we may have at this time in the year.

But rest assure that we are going to do our best service. Dont settle for low quality cleaning companies, we are going to do a great service for an excellent price.

Remember that to make your carpet last for a prolonged period of time you need to give it proper maintenance and if you want to make your carpet warranty valid you have to follow your manufacturer recommended cleaning standards.

So lets get started call one of our representatives in Lawrence Kansas.


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