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Upholstery, Rug and Carpet Cleaning in Schaumburg il removes the most stubborn dirt, dust and stains with its trained technicians

If you live in the Schaumburg Village in Illinois, you know how beautiful the place is, with great recreational activities and wonderful people. With 74,000 people in Schaumburg it is a place where lots of homes have carpets, rugs and upholstery that makes them look beautiful and comfortable.

All those people with carpet require a professional carpet and area rug cleaning service regularly to keep their rug fibers looking great and fresh.

Unfortunately not all people have the habit of hiring professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis, many people just vacuum their carpets and clean it with a common shampoo and detergent. The downside is that your carpet wont last for a long time until it becomes dull and lifeless.

A carpet or oriental rug is a big investment and you should treat it well and give it proper maintenance in order to make it last.

carpetyaWhat is CarpetUash Cleaning Service?

CarpetUash is a cleaning company in Schaumburg illinois specialized in cleaning carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout. We can also repair or restore damaged carpets and rugs.

Our Mission is to provide the highest quality customer service and have the best satisfaction of our customers after cleaning their carpets.

We are not here to do a one time job and leave with your money, we want to provide the best cleaning service and be your top priority choice when you need any cleaning in the future.

Why Hire a Professional Carpet and Rug Cleaning Service?

Most people think that just vacuuming their carpet once a week will do the trick or they let their maid service clean their carpets with common shampoos and detergents that are toxic and even damage the fibers of your carpet.

orientalrugWith the right professional cleaning products your carpet will look again fresh and clean without causing any damage and will be healthy for your pets and kids.

You should look at expert carpet cleaning as a long term investment in preserving the life of your rugs. Every carpet manufacturer will tell you that carpets need cleaning with some specifications every now and then.

What is our Deep Cleaning Process?

  • We want to provide you the best service so we need to follow a proven process that cleans your carpets and rugs very well.
  • The first step is when you call us and we give you a free quote estimate based on the number of rooms. We then schedule an appointment for the next day.
  • When we get to your home we inspect all the areas that we are going to clean and tell you what is the cleaning process we are going to follow and where are the stains that we need to remove.
  • Before we start cleaning we will remove all the stubborn stains, spots and dirt from the carpet and even pre treat all the areas.
  • After pre treating we use a special cleaning spray to break up dirt and oil so it can be removed easily.
  • Then we scrubb gently your carpet without causing any damage. That will make your carpet feel fluffy and clean.
  • Then we proceed with our hot water extraction cleaning method. We spray hot water on the rug or carpet and then suck it out, we take away the dirt and water.
  • Once the cleaning is done we apply a protective shield  on the carpet so it can last longer clean.
  • We Brush your carpet
  • Once we finish cleaning, we will review all the areas with you so you are satisfied with the job and if we miss something we will fix it.

steamcleaningDo you Use Healthy Cleaning Products?

Yes, we only use environmental friendly cleaning products that have been proven to be safe for your kids and pets. But this products also treat the fibers of your carpets gently. They are non toxic and safe.

Do you offer Estimates?

Yes, we offer free quote estimates, just give us a call and we will gladly tell you the cost, you only have to tell us how many rooms you need cleaned.

Do you use a truck mounted system?

Yes, we use a truck-mounted system and any serious carpet cleaning company will use it. A company that does not offer it then is not worth it. Because it is used to suck water, debris and dirt from the carpet and then transport it to the tank.

Are you certified Technicians?

Yes we are certified  and trained technicians that know the industry cleaning standards.

Do you Guarantee your Services?

Yes we guarantee our services, if you are not satisfied with the results we will give your money back or clean your carpet again.

Do you offer Periodic Deep Carpet Cleaning services?

housekeeperYes, we can keep in contact with you and offer our periodic cleaning services, so your carpet can stay fresh, glowing and beautiful all year.

Do you offer any additional services?

We do also carpet restoration, rug repair, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal, pet odor removal and dust mites removal

How do i Begin?

You can start by calling us and asking for a free quote. We are waiting for you 24 hrs to serve you.

Some days during the year we offer package discounts, special deals and coupons, ask for them.

If you are ready for a deep carpet cleaning to revive your rugs and make your investment last, just give us a call.



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