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carpetyaProfessional Upholstery, Area Rugs and Carpet Cleaning Palatine il company. We use dry cleaning or steam cleaning to revive your carpets.

Palatine illinois is a beautiful village with about 65,000 people, many of those people like to have a beautiful house with luxury decoration and of course a beautiful carpet to impress their guests. However buying a carpet is an expensive investment that requires proper maintenance as the manufacturers say.

The lack of proper maintenance and cleaning of your rugs and carpets can reduce the life of them, they will start to become lifeless, ugly and dull. When a carpet becomes dull, there is no point in keeping it, because it look uglier than if you take it away.

orientalrugWhat is CarpetUash Company?

It is an upholstery, area rug and carpet cleaning company dedicated to provide a good customer service and get rif of stains, spots, dirt, pet urine, odors and grim.

We can repair and restore carpets and rugs as well as clean tile and grout. You have to be careful not to hire second hand companies that use harsh chemicals that may be damaging not just for your carpets but for your kids and pets.

We offer a variety of services such as upholstery cleaning, pet stain and odor removal, commercial services, carpet and fabric protector, carpet deodorizer and tile and grout cleaning.

carpet cleaning professionalsWhy Hire professional Carpet Cleaning in Palatine il?

Sure, a lot of people clean their rugs, carpets and upholstery at home with detergents, shampoos and vacuum. Unfortunately that is not enough, you should vacuum your carpets and oriental rugs at least once a week, but over time allergens, bacteria and dust gets trapped in the fibers and you cant remove it with a vacuum.

If you clean your carpets with a common household shampoo and detergents, you may cause more harm than good. Many detergents and shampoos contain harsh chemicals and toxic substances that can damage your carpet fibers and can even damage the health of your kids and pets.

What is the Cleaning Process

  • You give us a call and let us know how many rooms there are on your house that need cleaning, we give you a free quote estimate and make a next day appointment.
  • Our cleaning agents will get to your home and make an inventory of the problem areas and tell you what is the cleaning method we are going to do and what are the problem areas that need special attention on our part.
  • We will let you know upfront if there is need for any special service for your carpet or any area.
  • We then begin cleaning either with dry cleaning, steam cleaning (hot water extraction) or chem dry.
  • Once we finish we will  review all the areas with your so you can check and verify that everything is fine and that we didnt miss something.
  • But our services our guarantee, so there is nothing to worry about.

cleaning carpetThese are the Benefits CarpetUash offers

  • We want you to be satisfied with our service because we want us to be your top priority choice when you think about cleaning your carpets periodically.
  • We are going to clean your area rugs, carpets and furniture upholstery only with safe cleaning products that have been proven to be non toxic and environmentally friendly as well as safe for your kids and pets.
  • We will remove even the most difficult stains, spots, spot dyes, pet odors, pet stains, blood stains, wine stains, dust, dust mites and grim.
  • We will restore or repair any area that you carpet is damage, this is an additional service that you can take advantage of.
  • We will get rid of any unpleasant odors from pets or kids.
  • We will take care of your rugs fibers, we are not going to just scrub hard until is clean, we will gently remove stains with professional cleaning products that do not harm the fibers of your carpets.
  • We are going to use either dry cleaning or Steam Cleaning. Usually the best method is steam cleaning, because it cleans deeply and leaves little residue.
  • We can apply a carpet deodorizer and also a protective shield.

steamcleaningLets Get Cleaning

Now is your turn to call us and make an appointment, we will give you a free quote estimate without any strings attached.

Avoid hiring companies with extremely poor workmanship, we want to give you a high quality service.

If you have any questions call us and we will gladly answer.

Take advantage of some of our discounts, coupons and special deals that we offer at some times during the year.

We Guarantee our services, you have nothing to loose, there are no hidden charges.



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