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steamcleaningOriental Rug, Furniture Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning company in Orland Park have trained technicians ready to remove the most stubborn stains, odors and dirt.

We always want to keep our house in Orland Park looking great and impress our guests that is why we buy many luxury items to decorate our house and buy luxury carpets and rugs to make our house look beautiful and comfortable.

But as you know carpets and area rugs that look beautiful are expensive, they require a huge investment that we want us to last and preserve. That is why we invest in carpet cleaning and vacuum our carpets periodically.

If you live in Orland Park illinois and have kids you know how difficult it can be to keep your rugs and carpets clean at all times, you have to take care and tell your kids to be careful.

To preserve your carpet investment you need to provide constant maintenance and hire a professional carpet cleaning service.


What is CarpetUash Cleaning Service

Even tough vacuuming your carpets and area rugs every week is great, it does not remove all the dirt and stains on your carpet. A lot of dirt gets trapped in the fibers of your rugs and overtime it accumulates.

All that dirt absorbs allergens and bacteria that can be damaging for the health of your family and pets.

Also if you clean your carpet with household detergents they contain toxic and harmful chemicals that can do more damage in the long term and also be unhealthy for your kids.

That is why you should hire carpetuash carpet cleaning services. We specialize in removing stains, pet odors, dirt, dust mites, grim and even the most stubborn spots.

We want to provide you with a great customer service that you can count on at any time. We dont want just to clean your carpets and leave with your money, we want to be your top priority periodic carpet cleaning service of choice.

We make a customized treatment and eliminate all bacterial and allergens that can harm the health of your kids and pets.

orientalrugWhat Cleaning Process do we follow

  • We want you to call us as soon as possible so you can tell us how many rooms you have and we can give you a free estimate of what the cost is.
  • Then we make an appointment and take your home address.
  • Once we arrive to your home we will begin to inspect every area of your rugs and carpets to make an inventory of the problem high traffic areas and the stains we need to remove.
  • We will let you know that cleaning method we recommend either dry cleaning, steam cleaning or chem dry, we will let you know what the process will be and how much time it will take to finish the job and to dry up.
  • Once the work is done we want you to inspect and review all the areas of your house rugs and if you see anything that you are not satisfied with, we will fix it, if we miss something we will clean it and we still have a Guarantee.
  • Once we leave we will stay in contact with you for follow up cleaning periodic sessions and keep the life of your carpets for many years.
  • What Benefits can you expect for our Cleaning Services
  • We are going to use only safe cleaning products, that are non toxic and free of any harmful chemical. We want your kids and pets to be safe.
  • We have trained technicians that will use the best cleaning methods such as dry cleaning or steam cleaning.
  • We treat your carpets and oriental rugs with care and clean them gently. Is not just about getting them clean, but about preserving its beauty.
  • We provide an excellent customer service that you can count on, dedicated to keep your carpets beautiful.
  • We can also restore and repair your damaged carpets and area rugs.
  • We will remove all dirt, dust, dust mites, pet urine, pet odors, stubborn stains, spots, wine spills, candy and even allergens.

carpetyaA final Word of Advice

Dont use second hand companies that dont Guarantee their services and dont have experience, even if they offer a cheap price.

Preserving the life of your carpets is an investment that you should care for. We can make your investment get results.

For any residential or commercial cleaning we can do the job.

Ask for our discounts, special deals or coupons that we offer some months.



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